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Wright's directory of Waukesha 1909-10 together with a complete directory of Waukesha County comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a numerical street directory; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of villages and county officers, the public and private schools, banks, churches, societies, etc.

Farmers' list: giving acreage, section, township and postoffice,   pp. 313-388

Page 313

Giving Acreage, Section, Township and Postoffice
Figures unaccompanie by the sign "a" for acres, dnote the s   Whe no section t
given, the residence is in the immediate neighboxhood of the postollice. The first name follow-
ing the section number is that of the Town; the second is that of postoffice with amber of rural
route. Star (*) denotes renter.
WAUKESHA COUNTY DIRECTORY.                     313
*Abel August, 80a, 12 Vernon, Mukwouago 39.
Abel F. A. 92a, 26 Vernon, Mukwonago 40.
Abel Frank Sr. 160a, 22 Vernon, Mukwonago 39.
Abel Herman, 78a, 21 Lisbon, Templeton 20.
Abel Otto, 80a, 21 Lisbon, Templeton 20.
Abel William, 95a, 22 Mukwonago, Mukwonago 39.
Abendroth Frank A. l(wa, 33 Summit, Oconomowoc.
Abendroth Emma, 26 Eagle, Eagle.
*Able Louis, 258a, 23 Mukwonago, Mukwonago.
Ackerman August Est. 40a, 21 Oconomowoc, Oconomowoc 25.
Adami Jacob, 84a, 25 Lisbon, Templeton 20.
Adams D. A. 80a, 26 Waukesha, Waukesha 4.
Adams E. R. Mrs. 140a, 24 Mukwonago, Mukwonago.
Adams H. R. 140a, 24 Mukwonago, Mukwonago.
Adams Henry, 78a, 13 Pewaukee, Duplainvifle.
Adams Henry, 60a, 30 Vernon, Mukwonago 40.
Adams Henry Est. 78a. 13 Pewaukee, Duplainville.
Adams J. Q. 82a, 19 Brookfield, Waukesha 7.
Adams J. R. 80n, 2 Vernon, Mukwonago 39.
Adams Joseph, 141a, 19 Summit, Oconomowoc 28.
Addenbrooke William. 113a, 9 Mukwonago, Mukwonago 38.
Agathen J. C. 240o, 15 Eagle, Eagle.
Agathen John and Frank, 188a, 15 Eagle, Eagle.
Agen Peter, 126a. 30 Eagle, Palmyra.
Agnew John, 92a, 11 O(-onomowoc, Oconomowoc 25.
Ainsworth Roderick, 40a, 25 Merton, Merton.
Ainsworth Silas Est. 124a, 30 Lisbon, Pewaukee 15.
Aitkin C. E. 71a, 36 Pewaukee. Waukesha 6.
A itkins Alvin, 60a, 29 Brookfield, Waukesha 6.
Ake John, 115a, 5 Delafleld, Nashotah.
A kin George, 10a, 8 Pewaukee, Pewaukee.
Albrecht George, 40a, 3 Muskego, Calhoun 11.
Albright E. H. 59a, 17 New Berlin, Waukesha 4.
*Albright John, 120a, 27 Lisbon, Pewaukee 16.
Alden Alb. Est. 255a, 18 Delafield, Delafleld.
Alderman Lizzie Mrs. 191a. 20 Merton, Oconomowoc 24.
Aldorf Jab, 6la1. 13 Menomonee, Menomonee Falls 17.
*Allen A. J. Genesee.
Allen J. A. 94a. 19 Genesee, North Prairie.
A lien Oswald J. 40a. 24 Delafield, Pewaukee 14.
Allen W. H. 20a, 33 Pewaukee. Waukesha.
A Ills W. W. 53a. 24 Summit, Oconomowoc 30.
Alpress William. 00a. 16 Eagle, Eagle.
Amann Fred, 40a, 28 Eagle, Eagle.

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