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Wright's directory of Waukesha 1909-10 together with a complete directory of Waukesha County comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a numerical street directory; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of villages and county officers, the public and private schools, banks, churches, societies, etc.

Waukesha directory: alphabetical list of names,   pp. 57-168

Page 57

Wa ukesha Directory
WAUKESFIA DIRECTORY.                   57
ABBOTT Alice Mrs. dressmkr. 403 West av. h. same.
Abbott Charlotte E. Miss, h. 403 West av.
Abbott Edward P. mngr. 210 East av. h. 416 Dunbar av
Abbott Emma A. Miss, mus-tchr. h. 418 mixiolin av.
Abbott Irving S. h. 418 Lincoln a-v.
Abbott Jay K. h. 418 Lincoln av.
'Abbott Leon 11. h. 418 Lincoln av.
Abel John Sr. lab. h. 131 Center.
ABELL FRED D. see-treas. Palmetier & Abell Lumber Co. h.
124 James.
Abramowski Anton, lab. h. 821 Raymond.
Accencio Carmeno, lab. h. 811 Ashland av.
Ackerknecht William, foreman foundry The W. M Iron Co.
h. 419 E. Main.
Adair Henry, mach. h. 210 Maria.
Adams Andrew, hammockmkr, h. 600 W. Main.
Adams Charles Milo, fireman, h. 600 W. Main.
Adams Fanny Miss, h. 600 W. Main.
Adams Sylvia Mrs. h. Fountain Spring House.
Adams Walter, lab. h. 600 W. Main.
Adams William, tmstr. h. 104 W. Main.
Adams William R. (Adams & Snyder) h. 305 W. Main.
Adams &Snyder (William R. Adams, Andrew E. Snyder) bar-
bers, 407 W. Main.
Advance Construction Co. A. B. Cambier pres; A. 11. Stare v-
pros-gen-mngr; George W. Miller engnr. 10-11,.343 Broad-
Aeolian Orchestra, Clarence A. Keebler mngr.407 Greenfield av.
Aes(,hermann Christ Jr. lab. h. 711 Oakland av.
Aeschermann Mary (wid. Christ) h. 711 Oakland av.
Affolter Earl, h. 233 E. Main.
Affolter Edward J. carp-contr. 233 E. Main, h. same.
Affolter May, waitress. h. 233 E. Main.
Affolter Vallie, elk. 700 White Rock av. h. 233 E. Main.
Agan Edward Mrs. h. 307 West av.
Agaii-Erma, stenog."h. 307 West av.
Agnew Bessie B. Miss, h. 404 Lincoln av.

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