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Beckel, Annamarie L. / Breaking new waters : a century of limnology at the University of Wisconsin. Special issue

Magnuson, John J.
Foreword,   p. iv

Page iv

 History provides a context to help us understand the present and insights
to help us shape the future. We welcome this history of two schools of limnology
at a time when the insights that can come from it are of special value. This
history project began soon after the formal establishment of the Center for
Limnology on the Madison Campus in July 1982. This special issue of the Transactions
constitutes a look back as Wisconsin limnologists continue the search to
break new waters. In a less parochial context this book comes in the year
that the 50th meeting of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
(ASLO) was celebrated in Madison. The Society formed from the efforts of
many limnologists, especially Paul Welch at the University of Michigan; ASLO
and the collections of scientists it represents are halfway through their
first century. Again, a look back can serve us well as we move ahead. 
 Chancey Juday, the first president of ASLO (then the Limnological Society
of America) is one of the principals in this history. He, Edward A. Birge,
and Arthur D. Hasler are portrayed on the cover and are catalysts of our
history. We thank these limnologists and their many colleagues for a rich
history of personal and scientific accomplishment. We thank Annamarie L.
Beckel and Frank N. Egerton for preparing these excellent perspectives on
two schools of Wisconsin limnology, and we thank the Wisconsin Academy of
Sciences, Arts, and Letters for publishing these perspectives. 
John J. Magnuson 
Director, Center for Limnology 
University of Wisconsin 
680 North Park Street 
Madison, Wisconsin 53706 

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