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Noland, Lowell E. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XXVI (1931)

Costello, David F.
Preliminary reports on the flora of Wisconsin. XIII,   pp. [275]-279 ff. PDF (1.4 MB)

Page [275]

 1 See Fassett, Trans. Wis. Acad. Sc!., Arts and Let. 25 :177, 1930PRELIMINARY
 The distribution maps in this report are compiled from field data collected
by Mr. L. S. Cheney' who traveled and collected in the years 1897 and 1898,
and from the herbaria of the University of Wisconsin, of the Milwaukee Public
Museum, of Marquette University, and of Mr. S. C. Wadmond of Delavan, Wisconsin.
The ranges noted by Mr. Cheney are represented by small dots; additions to
these ranges are indicated by crosses. Large dots are used in indicating
the range of Quercus muhlen.. bergii. 
1. FAGtJS 
 F. GRANDIF'OLIA Ehrhart. Beech (Fig. 1). Distribution mostly eastward; frequent
in the counties bordering Lake Michigan. Its limits of distribution westward
are well marked. Usually frequent to common wherever it is found. 
 The following key will serve to distinguish the members of this genus occurring
in Wisconsin: 
a. Leaves not bristle tipped; acorns maturing the first year. b 
b. Winter buds downy; cup of fruit fringed; young branches fre 
 quently corky ridged Q. nuicrocarpa 
b. Winter buds typically smooth or with only slight hairiness at tips and
on margins of scales; cup of fruit not fringed. c 
c. Buds slightly hairy above middle at times; acorns on peduncles 
 3—15 cm. long Q. bicolor 
c. Buds glabrous, bud scales scarious or slightly hairy on margins; acorns
sessile or on short peduncles. d 
ci. Buds broadly ovate, blunt; cup enclosing about ~ of nut; 
 nuts 18—30 mm. long Q. alba 
d. Buds conical, sharp pointed; cup enclosing about ~ of nut; 
 nuts 15—20 mm. long Q. muhlenbergii 
a. Leaves bristle tipped; acorns maturing the second year b 

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