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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume IV (1876-1877)

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Page [305]

                  SCIENCES, ARTS AND LETTERS.
The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in Senate and Assembly,
                            enact as follows:
  SECTION 1. Lucius Fairchild, Nelson Dewey, John W. Hoyt, Increase A.
Lapham, Alexander Mitchell, Wm. Pitt Lynde, Joseph Hobbins, E. B. Wol-
cott, Solon Marks, R. Z. Mason, G. M. Steele, T. C. Chamberlin, James H.
Eaton, A. L. Chapin, Samuel Fallows, Charles Preuser, Wm. E:1. Smith, J.
YFoye,-Wmi.--Dndtey, P.Bngl-emannA. S. McDiill, John Murrish, Geo. P. Del-
aplaine, J. G. Knapp, S. V. Shipman, Edward D. Holton, P. R. Hoy, Thaddeus
C. Pound, Charles E. Bross, Lyman C. Draper, John A. Byrne, 0. R. Smith,
J. M. Bingham, Henry Boetz, LI. Breese, Thos. S. Allen, S. S. Barlow, Chas.
R. Gill, C. L. Harris, George Reed, J. G. Thorp, W'illiam Wilson, Samuel
Hastings, and D. A. Baldwin, at present being members and officers of an
association known as " The WIsconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and
ters," located at the city of Madison, together with their future
successors forever, are hereby created a body corporate by the name and style
of "The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters,"
and by
name shall have perpetual succession; shall be capable in law of contracting
and being contracted with, of suing and being sued, of pleading and being
impleaded in all courts of competent jurisdiction; and may do and perform
such acts as are usually performed by like corporate bodies.
  SECTION 2. The general objects of the Academy shall be to encourage
investigation and disseminate correct views in the various departments of
science, literature and the arts. Among the specific objects of the academy
shall be embraced the following:
  1. Researches and investigations in the various departments of the material,
metaphysical, ethical, ethnological and social science.
  2. A progressive and thorough scientific survey of the state, with a view
determining its mineral, agricultural and other resources.
  3. The advancement of the useful arts, through the applications of science,
and by the encouragement of original invention.
  4. The encouragement of the fine arts, by means of honors and prizes
awarded to artists for oriinal works of superior merit.
  5. The formation of scientific, economical and art museums.
  6. The encouragement of philological and historical research, the collec-
tion and preservation of historic records, and the formation of a general
  SECTION 3. Said Academy may have a common seal and alter the same at
pleasure; may ordain and enforce such constitution, regulations and by-laws
as may be necessary, and alter the same at pleasure; may receive and hold
real and personal property, and may use and dispose of the same at pleasure;
provided, that it shall not divert any donation or bequest from the uses
objects proposed by the donor, and that none of the property acquired by
shall, in any manner, be alienated other than in the way of an exchange of
duplicate specimens, books, and other effects, with similar institutions
in the manner specified in the next section of this act, without the consent
the legislature.

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