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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume IV (1876-1877)

Report of the secretary: second semi-annual meeting,   pp. 277-280 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 277

Proceeding.s of the Academy.
   Antiquities and Platycnemism of the Mound Builders. By J. N. De Hart
 M. D.
   Extent and Significance of the Wisconsin Kettle Moraine. By T. C. Cham-
 berlin, A. M., State Geologist.
   The German, French, English and American Press. By Hon. Joseph
 Hamilton, of Milwaukee, Honorary Member of the Academy.
   The Ethical Bearings of the Doctrine of Evolution. By Rev. Jenk. LI.
   Mr. C. H. Haskins, of Milwaukee, gave a very interesting description of
 the Bell Speaking Telephone, illustrating his remarks by experimental dem-
 A paper on the Fauna of the Niagara and Upper Silurian rocks in Milwau-
 kee county, by F. H. Day, M. D., was read by title only, not being received
 time to be read in full.
 The death of Prof. Oldenhage of Milwaukee was announced and his paper
 read by Prof. Peckham.
 Profs. Peckhum, Rogers and McAllister, of Milwaukee, were appointed a
 committee to present a memoir of Prof. Oldenhage, for publication in Vol.
 IV of the Transactions of the Academy.
 The following gentlemen and ladies were elected annual members of the
      J. S. Westcott, Superintendent of City Schools, Racine.
      J. T. L ivewell, Female College, Milwaukee.
      Albert Hardy, Principal High School, Milwaakee.
      Rufus B. Smith, Madison.
      Willett S. Main, Madison.
      Geo. B. Smith, Madison.
      P. B. Parsons, Madison.
      B. E. Hutchinson, Madison.
      Mrs. S. F. Dean. Madison.
      Mrs. H. M. Lewis, Madison.
      Miss Ella Giles, Madison.
      J. N. DeHart, M. D., Madison.
  J. J. Saylor of Cleveland, Ohio, was elected a corresponding member of
the Academy.
  Academy adjourned to meet in Milwaukee, at a time to be specified by the
President of the Academy after consultation with the officers of the Scientific
                      Held at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
                                       FEMALE COLLEGE,
                                          MILWAUKEE, July 23, 1878.
 Pursuant to a notice given by the Milwaukee Scientific Club, the second
 semi-annual (or summer) meeting of the Wisconsin Academy of Science,
Arts and Letters was convened in the Female College, Milwaukee, at 7:30
o'clock, P. M. Presiclent P. R. Hoy, of Racine, in the chair. Hon. Har-

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