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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume IV (1876-1877)

Report of the secretary: eighth regular annual meeting,   pp. 276-277 PDF (508.2 KB)

Page 276

276     Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letter.s.
          Held at Madison, Wisconsin, December 26th, 27th and 28th, 1877.
                                          WEDNESDAY, Dec. 16, 1877.
  The Eighth Regular Annual Meeting was opened at 2:30 P. 3., there being
a large attendance.
  Dr. Hoy, President of the Academy, in the chair.
  The minutes of the Racine Semi-annual Meeting were read, and the amend.
ments to the Constitution and the By-laws then made, commented upon and
formally ratified.
  The Secretary gave notice that a complete catalogue of all books and
pamphlets thus far received by the Academy was completed, and would be
published in the forthcoming Vol. IV of the Transactions.
  The Treasurer made the following report:
                               TREASURER'S OFFICE,
                     Wisconsin Academy of Sciencies, Arts and Letters,
                                            MADISON, Dec. 26, 1877.
P. R. Hoy, M. D., President of the Wisconsin Academy of Scionces, Arts and
  I have the honor- to report the financial condition of the Academy, as
Total amount of fees and dues from 62 members .   ..........  $817 25
Total fees from 10 life members          ..   .     .       1,000 00
Total interest on loan ..............................         440 00
                                                           $2,259 25
Total amount disbursed in payment of warrants to date ......  $855 17
    Balance in treasury ............ ........................... $1, 402
    (Signed)                        G. P. DELAPLAINE, Treasurer.
  The Treasurer urged greater promptitude on the part of members in the
payment of their dues. Only 62 members out of about.200 have paid any dues
whatsoever thus far.
The following papers were read and dicussed during the session:
How Did the Aborigines of this Country Fabricate the Copper Implements?
By P. R. Hoy, M. D., President of the Academy.
  Some Remarks on the Descent of Animals. By Prof. Oldenhage, of Mil-
Why Have the Ruminants no Upper Incisors. By P. R. Hoy, M. D., Pres-
ident of the Academy.
Boiler Explosions. By Chas. I. King, Superintendent University Machine

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