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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume IV (1876-1877)

Birge, Edward A.
Notes on Cladocera,   pp. [77]-109 ff. PDF (9.3 MB)

Page [77]

                  NOTES ON CLADOCERA.
                    Br EDWARD A. BIRGE, PH. D.
  During the past three years I have collected Cladocera at inter-
vals. The group has been little studied in this country, though
thoroughly worked up in Europe. I have found several new
forms, including one new genus, and now publish a synopsis of
-the- work hithert-o done- by me.
   I give only the more important references under the synonymy
   The works most useful for reference on this group are:
0. F. Miller, Zoologiae Danicaw Prodromus. 1776.
            Entomostraca. 1785.
Jurine, Hist. d. Monocles qui se trouvent aux environs de Geneve. 1820.
Lieven, Branchiopoden der Danziger Gegend. 1818.
Baird, Natural History of the British Entromostraca. 1850.
Fischer, Ueber die Crustaceen aus den Ordaungen der Branch. und Ento.
         mos. 1851.
       Ergiinzungen, Berichtigungen und Fortsetzung zu der Abhl. U. d. in
       der Umg. von St. Petersburg vorkommenden Crustaceen. 1854.
Liljeborg, De Crustaceis ex ordinibus tribus; Cladocera, etc. 1853.
Koch, Deutschlands Crustaceen, etc. 1835.
Schbdler, Neue Beitra-ge zur Naturgeschichte der Cladoceren. 1863.
        Die Cladoceren des frischen Haffs. 1863.
        Zur Naturgeschichte der flaphniden. 1877.
Leydig, Naturgeschichte der Daphniden. 1860.
P. E. MUller, Danmarks Cladocera, 1868..
Kurz, Dodekas neuer Cladoceren. 1874.
Weissman is now contributing some very valuable papers on structure and
         physiology to the Zeitschrift f-dr Wissenschaftliche Zoologie.
   In my notes, all the above papers are cited by the name of the
author, or, if necessary, by adding to his name a single word.

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