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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. V, No. 11 (January 1901)

Spraying primulas,   p. 7 PDF (240.2 KB)

Page 7

FRR WM':- 11)7
"      .W                                 7
-_ overspread by * bluish blebag lusciout to eat from the
baud when costedaud dripguS i4M dew in theearlymorn-
11g. Our gay, whistling frek,* the robin, will bear me
out in this statement, for from early iorn until dusk he
swings on the ender branches, w  y ig       the cher-
ns anant on both sides of the Aedge, aid fairly gorges
hiuseif with Juseberries, boldly     the ground with
whoever is inclined to follow his euinlei Taste the chilled
fruit crushed with    having y    eyes ced, and you
will say  lackberries-' A little leson Juice added, and
yqu will pronounce them delicious-
The place of ai places for a Juneberry hedge is as a
dividing line between lawns'  Cutting the roots, in culti-
vating, causes new shoots; as they do not encroach upon
the sod, they all go to render the hedge line denser and
more beautiful. They are easily kept down by cutting off
with the hoe, at first appearance, if they spring up where
they are not wantedL  Care in cultivating obviates this nes
As to these plants not being able to endure water on
the foliage, that is a delusiou, water standing in the crowns
is certainly injurious to them, but s ig  fuenough;
to keep the leaves free from dust, on  y day a$ not in
a falling     -It  e  -(isidia.bloost- y prekrably), is a bene-
fit to the plants. Of two supposed evil, wetting the leaves,
or leaving them dust covered, by all meaus choose the for-
mer. -exchange.
Bertha: "Grandma, is oor teef goot? Grandma: "No,
darling; rye got nose now,uno. r  y    Bertha: "lThen
Il give oo my wits to mind till I come back."

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