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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist: issued monthly, under the management of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the purpose of disseminating the horticultural information collected through the agency of the society
Vol. I, No. 6 (August 1896)

Moyle, W. J.
Season's notes from Racine County,   p. 28 PDF (186.0 KB)

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1,y vW. J. J-ovle-11 ritteni July 25th, 1896.
One (If the fioest crops of the apple ever known now hangs
on the trees of Racine county. Red Astrachan and Tetofskv
-No spraying is done vet this season. The fruit is remark-
-l IV free fromt insects. wvith no scab to speak of. Thousands
of biushiels of No. 1 fall and winter apples will be mlade into
cider here this fall as the farmers never mnake a practice of
projperly- harvestinlg the apples for the market.
A ]lot wevek the first of April canustd a lar ge per cent. of the
pear lllossoIIIs to fall. still at present tlhe trees are (lotted over
w-ith beautiful specimelns.
Straowherries were a paying crop and sold readily- at from
so cents to .e1.40 a crate. In the vicinity of Racine. however,
early spring droughts wvere the cause of a Very poor stand
(f p]lltS set (alt for '97.
o o(sellerries wvere a goo r((. crop many bushes, of the Hlouighton
yieldinig a 1i-q(plait crate which found a home market at .0
Rlaspherries -'ere never bettem. Ancient Briton blackber-
ries are nmmv lvinog on the ground. so loade(ld ae they with
heallitifill slwecilmle"lS.  Sin-ders also hang full. but too sour.
i1inimev a ski. no g--ood: too tend1er.
Of the gralpes C'oncord. Dhelaware. Diamond. Pocklington.
M(o(r's Early-. Champion. Lindly. MNassasoit and Missouri Ress-
lin- Iang full as Ilitt- eami hold. while Amyer. Salenl. Agana.11,
M;:.ri ha \Wilder anod Vergenlnies miak( a good showing. I find
Empilf- State. Niagara and Vergenniiies too tender in bud and
vine. as evell when laid downm and covered wvith earth they
ws inlte k lill.
The cum-culio took all the tame phlimiis. but in the wild thick-
e(4 tshere is a great erop.
If !z1 1:ae a goodl limimie mimarket (1(1 not seek a mnarket that
reqlulires shlilIlmenlt (if fruit, unlless youI ale sure von have
s(lmlt'liling faiucv an1d1 call tifiI( the customerlel whlo is villing to
,;'IV for it.

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