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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1921
Vol. LI (1921)

Strong, C. E., Mrs.
Flowers for everybody's garden,   pp. 39-42 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 39

For a stake, I like a rough piece of branch or sapling better than
a lath or sawed stake, the plant will cling to the rough places and
your twine is not so apt to slip, however, the sawed stake does
very well if the other cannot be obtained.
THE SECRETARY: A question occurred to me when I was read-
ing this paper, how the gentleman distinguished between Bonny
Best and John Baer?
MR. TOOLE: I have grown them both and find the Bonny Best
is a little sturdier and not more than two days later than the
A MEMBER: I exhibited the two at the county fair. I put the
two together, I could not distinguish them after I got them on
the plate, got them mixed up. In the frame I can distinguish
them, because the John Baer is a little sturdier plant, the Bonny
Best in the flat grows a little more spindling with me, but in the
field I cannot distinguish them.
MR. CHRISTENSEN: There is a slight difference. The John Baer
is inclined to run small and the foliage is a little lighter; a little
smaller foliage than the Bonny Best. But I find the John Baer is
from five days to a week earlier than the Bonny Best. It is not
quite as firm a tomato as the Bonny Best.
I do not know if Mr. and Mrs. Everybody are here or not-if
they are I want to say to them, that I think they gave me a pretty
hard task.
I started out asking different people what they liked best-I
failed to find two who agreed. So I decided to answer the ques-
tions as I could-if Everybody wasn't satisfied, why there are
many other flower growers here, who no doubt would be glad to
help them. These are the questions I have been asked to answer:
The Everybody family own a home; they are very much inter-
ested in flowers and would like a list of bulbs, annuals and per-
ennials that are easy to grow. They haven't very much money to
spend but they want a lot of flowers the whole season, both for

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