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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year ending July 1, 1920
Vol. L (1920)

Blaine, J. J.
Address of welcome,   pp. [23]-26 PDF (911.2 KB)

Page [23]

Wisconsin State Horticultural Society
HON. J. J. Bumxz, Attorney-General.
Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen; Members of the State
Horticultural Society:
At the request of your officers I have been invited to extend
to you as delegates and members of the State Horticultural
Society a welcoming hand on behalf of the state.
I assume, following the usual custom, that a resident of the
capital city representing the state is the proper person to ex-
tend this welcome. However, I am only a temporary resident
of the capital city, and I feel that in welcoming you on behalf
of the state I am welcoming you on behalf of yourselves, for
the reason that such men and women as you make up the state
of Wisconsin. So on your own behalf, as well as on behalf of
each of us, we are all welcome to participate in the enjoyment
that we may receive in meeting here with the State Horticultural
It is, indeed, a pleasure to have an opportunity to meet to-
gether in such a splendid undertaking as the development of
horticulture. I am not a specialist in horticulture. I have fol-
lowed it very largely as a means of recreation, and, indeed, hor-
ticulture affords very pleasant recreation.
There is a certain amount of grafting that is permissible in
horticulture, but it is the grafting of the progressive and con-
structive kind, where you by a process make two buds grow
where only one grew before, and make two or more kinds of

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