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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Annual report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the year 1910
Volume XL, Part II (1910)

Blackburn, Henry B.
Report on strawberries,   pp. 65-66 PDF (426.7 KB)

Page 65

raised 100 plants from five. We got seven plants and two of
those died and from the five we raised 100 plants of Pan Ameri-
can, very rich soil, and we gave them good cultivation.
Mr. Moyle: Mr. Crawford of Ohio writes me that he has this
season propagated several new varieties of fall-bearing straw-
berries and all are good. These were distributed in trial lots
to nurserymen this year. In my opinion these fall-beaing
kinds are valuable mainly in the home garden.
Mr. Kellogg: I want to say one more word in regard to the
Autumn. After planting the original plantation, they bore
so that I had one plant that had 118 berries, blossoms, and buds
on it, that I took up and carried to the Jefferson county Fair.
Another I carried to Beaver Dam that had fifty-three berries at
once, and of course a plant that yields so mueh, they cannot be
large, unless it is up at Bayfield. It might be there.
Mr. Richardson: I would like to say a word in favor of the
Red Bird strawberry. We have only tried it in a small way
the last two or three years, we find the color is good, it is of
the Dunlap and Warfield type, good color, red berry and very
productive. It is too early yet to say if it -s going to stand up
with the older ones, but the indications are that it will.
A Member: I would like to ask Mr. Kellogg about the Nor-
Mr. Kellogg: I am very favorably impres3ed with the form,
size, quality and productiveness.
A Member: I want to know what type it is.
Mr. Kellogg: It is of the type of the Jessie family.
HENRY B. BLACKBURN, Richland Center, Wis.
Strawberries here this season a bumper crop; in my ten years
experience this was an ideal year. Among the varieties that did
extra well were Glen Mary. Senator Dunlap, Burbank, Won-
der and Cardinal. Red Bird outyielded any on the list but the
berries run too small and they are not the best flavor and are
not any earlier than Senator Dunlap. It is a fine colored berry
and even more hardy than Senator Dunlap. Stephen's Late
5-H. S.

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