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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirty-first annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 8, 1918. Thirtieth summer meeting, pavilion, Nekoose, Wis., August 14, 1917

Whittlesey, S. N.
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S. N. WHirrLr~sEY, Cranmoor, Wisconsin.
The inspiration of the following observations is the noticeable fact
that the membership of the Wisconsin Cranberry Sales Company does
not include all the Cranberry Growers of Wisconsin. A large minority
of cranberry growers can flourish and prosper so far as marketing is
ccncerned-provided at least a majority of growers-or of the crop, is
in the Sales Company, and the marketing success of the Independents
is due to, and because of, and at the expense of the Sales Company.
This fact and the reasons are probably well-known to every grower.
A very respectable minority of growers have withdrawn from or have
not been identified with the Sales Company.
Suppose all growers, or enough to disrupt the company, should in-
dividually compete for a market for their crops. Cranberries are not
counted a necessity like bread, potatoes and meat, andi the demand
in the market is not universal and constant. The grower generally
must deliver his crop in a lump or in carlots and fruit jobbers are
practically the only first buyers of cranberries.
With independent disorganized marketing we have no berries in
some places and congestion in others and prices ruled by panic and
slump. No buyer will touch cranberries on a falling market. Coopera-
tion in all lines of activity is civilized and sensible. Competition in
business is savage, and in marketing cranberries, suicidal.
Whether we confess It or not, It is probably the conviction of every
grower that cooperation of all growers is the only solution, and the
perfect solution of the marketing problem.
As a nold revolutionary hero put it, "We must all hang together
in this thing or we will all bang separately."

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