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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Fourteenth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wis., January 8th, 1901

Proceedings of the annual meeting held at Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 8th, 1901,   pp. [5]-6 PDF (306.1 KB)

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Of the Annual Meeting held at Grand Rapids, Wisconsin,
January 8th, 1901.
GRAND RAPIDS, WVis., JadI. 8, 1901.
The fourteenth annual meeting of the Wisconsin State
Cranberry Growers' Association was held at Grand Rapids,
Wis., in council rooms (west side) on Tuesday January 8th,
As minutes of previousn meeting had appeared in the
published report their reading was dispensed with, and
President Charles Briere delivered the following address
which in substance contained the following recommenda-
tions and suggestions:
He said that growers should pack their berries in first-
class shape and it was better to screen out all the small
berries of 3Vs inch and less. All the larger growers of the
east are gathering their berries with what are here
called "rakes." They gather their crop at a cost not to
exceed 75 cents per barrel. It costs us here at least $1.20 to
S1.50 per barrel. As you will see it gives eastern growers a
large margin on the cost of harvesting their crop. We have
here on exhibition two machines called 'cranberry pickers."
They are duplicates of our old-style rakes without any
improvement. Our experiment station is in fine shape. We
have now over 20 varieties of cranberries planted on the
"nursery" that we are propagating. They are some of the
best selected vines from the experimental station. Some
were selected for their large size, others for their shape,
color, early ripening quality and some for their long keeping
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