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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 11,   pp. [241]-264 PDF (9.7 MB)

Page [241]

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          Wisconsio State Fair.
  Our second Annual State Fair took place
afew milc3 west of Milwaukee, at the time
appointed; and has left an impression, whicl
can not fail of producing a marked effect upon
the future greatness of our young and prospe-
rous State. But there is yet a wide field o-
pen for improvement. This Fair, in many re-
spect#, failed of meeting the expectations o1
most who attended I-still, it was highly cred-
itable to the State, and to the taste and skill
of those who did contribute to the exhibition.
Some departments were not so well represent-
ed as we had hoped they would be;-know-
mig as we do-from what we have seen and
heard of the several County Fairs,-that
Wiscoxh    has got the material to make a
phow, in all departments of industry, which
would compare well with any one of the older
State. Taken as a whole, however, the Fair
passed off very well. The show was fair-
the weather favorable, until near the close of
the last day-the concourse of people large-
and, so far as we could learn, not the slightest
ceident, or disturbance occurred, to mar the
reativides of the occasion.
With sD much to admire, and to commend,
-we much regret that there should have been
Ji jlllj cause for complaint on the part of
ridbait, and more espeially on the part of
xsswutera.   But, since so much diiaatiafac-
RISK, NOVEMBER, 1852.             NO. IL
tion does exist,-it is but just to allude to it-
hoping that in future, similar causes for comn
plaint may be avoided.
    f-nn nmies f rnmnint -snA a     r  -S I
one too-was the site chosen for the Fal,
.Ground; being some two or three miles west
of the business part of the city, and betweer
two lines of plank road-the only avenues, by
which it could be reached. Visitors who were
fortunate enough to have teams of their own,
were subjected to a toll tax, besides a good
deal of detention at the gates; while those
who had not, were compelled to foot it, o0
to submit to the extortions of soul-less livery-
men. The ground wasnaturally rough, and
no care seemed to have been taken to im-
prove it, even where the tent stood for the
accommodation of the ladies department.-
The ultimate object, we were told, of making
the inclosure, was for a permanent Race
Course, rather than for the accommodation of
the Fair.
  We regret still more, the wide spread dis-
affection which is felt amongst exhibitors.-
They complain of having been badly use
Whether their grievances are real or fancied-
we shall not at present pretend to say; but
it is feared, in many cases, that they are too
well grounded.
  The display of Agricultural Implements,
which first attracted our attention, was pass-
able, but it fell far short of our expectations
and of what it should have been. In the line of
plows, the show was quite large, both in num-
ber and variety. Among the number, we ob-
served some of superior make, and suited to
al1 circumstances, and to all kinds of soiL A
large number of the plows were from the Ag-
ricultural Warehouse of TiaoxasoN LrrrTLL
of Milwaukee, and manufactured by M,&sow,
Nousz,     Co. of Boston. Mr. Litte,1 also
nade a large show of other implements-num-

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