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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 9,   pp. [193]-204 [216] PDF (9.8 MB)

Page [193]

 VOL IV.,          JANESVILLE, WIS., SEFTEMBER, 1852.                NO.
          PUMLU~AR ONMSUE:lL OF ERCH t ,BY & vill bring specihelns, whether
under name or
          ______________LX______I not, many inistakes may be rectified ton
              TER1Y So                {spot, and lurscrviten arid their customers
     50 Cents a Year ian 4vrli-nee        understand each other much better
 FivecoplesforS2,ifdirectedtoone.PostOfficv,andatthe and be inutualy benetitted
by theinforrition
same rate for a larger number. All subihcriptions to coli n  rece
mence with the volume. Back numbers supplied to new given an(d reived.
subscribers.                             We also look for eminepomologists
            ADVERTISING;              the east, and a very large delegation
.One page per year               050  Central Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,
Qaarter pate                      1i and Iowa ; and as we fixed the meeting
OnE  page. wlvelI  les)1year         1   far north, on purpose to accommodate
(Lstane year.)   first iertion       2950 Fruit Growers of Wisconsin and
Northern II-
          For each subsequent InsertiInlinois, it is to be hoped that they
will be pres-
 OFFICE.-Empire Block. Main St.. in the rooms occupi- i
 ed for the office of tih Janes-fllt Gazette.  ent in numbers, and with fruit
to match.
                                         I am informed by our Dixon friends,
             For the VV6s4-utin&lus a; Fosa irmer. |      . I
             Rorthweslienl Fruit Growers cso- ,i arrangements are in progress
for the comfort
                                     * l and convenience of all who may honor
FRIEND MILLER:                        I-Private famiiies,as well as public
houses, ex-
  You are aware that the next meeting of' pect welcome guests oin ti is fruitful
our Fruit Growers Association is fixed fog -with the one, "the latch
string will be out,"
Wednesday the 29th day of September, in- and with the other, I am toll, that
(as pomol-
stant-                                 ofisjts "take notes" and
print them) an attempt
  Will you be so good as to place this notice "ull be made to show that
Dixon Hotels are
on your first pagge, in your September numi- not the worst in Illinois. Bit
*- nolus verrons"
ber and mark the article, in copies sent to -Dixon is a fine place, and the
Rock River
your western exchanges ; as I presume wes-: towns are worth seeing-and there
is no
tern papers will do us the favor to "d notice" if trouble in getting
there-for that noble old
their attention is directed thereto-and I much prince of western stage proprietors-John
fear that there are still some western fruit Frink-and his liberal and enterprising
growers who do not take the Wisconsin Far- jutors will see to it in season
if properly no-
M] tIC            NSN&ified                            AR.E
  . o  o      A      I   E    I.n     tow, good friends, this meeting at
Dixon is
  ofe or~e iters tof ohe manwoplabnt ore1 eetlnot to be a little neigh h~
                                       bt lore in erhih the  wplble northwest
is eon-
chards,. than to him who raises trees for sale'erd.Futiani         oratcopadast
-and yet. the' latter class- have, hitherto, con- ta| aend little lo nge
tmogrowt tha crop, of Mi
          6titted ie mss o memers n atend not, man itakes      ma  belctfittle
oogrt  rw  h n  a troeO
sttour tnnue massomEmIbeS    i        n    wheat-and once ylanting lasts/or
a c fe time
     at our a ennul  Yeetingsn -it is very important that you have the RIowr
  It is hoped nowr 2 , hever that every man KIND OF SEED: For I know, from
who intends to plant fruit trees, and can come, that it costs "ia  eep"
of labor to change a
will be on hand at Dixon; for much money worthless engrafted tree, of beap
ng size, (and
mnay be made by kD  wing what varieties to there are many such in tle west)
into a tree
select fr each locality, and much less and dis- Cearint   Il0 os iT AND PLEniTior
appointaent avoided, b hearing the honest such are the trees we want in our
opnions and expensive eiperience of the many for profit.
practica men who will doubtless be present, Let us meet then at Dixon, and
and ready, as heretofore to talk aver the  1a- notes, and fruits too, and
take each ote  by
l fo    r the benefitof all conce0edrthe hand once a year-We shall make moneyI
FA large leleetion, of all the varieties of by it, and what is better-awe
la~ fin  X sason, will be found on our tables, TheI e will be many wholerDouled
seiend s of
No rtiieh   kn    owledge of sorbsad their naein  wtern humanity in atindanemen
Youf bained andasare trust thecnexometn~g-o'r     elcme guestsa oil tihiqritu
- ps~.~u~am UL~aaUZUUUW.L    .v~   ~    n j £ iliwhe -ne, 5_tb latch
 n  w   i
or       _t                 is                         1
                           - _ - I ALUVWAUS - vioiab - "RAUrg"U
Z allit ox
                                                         I      ,   'k __
AK7 - -  _U

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