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Wisconsin Dairy Herd Improvement Association, et al. / Wisconsin D.H.I.A. record
Vol. IV (1937)

III. Progeny tested dams,   p. [80] PDF (272.1 KB)

Page [80]

Tested Das with 3 Tested Daughters or Progeny Tested Sons
Only dams whose estimated transmitting ability is 350 lbs. fat
(mature, 10 months lactation, 2 daily milkings basis) are listed. The
average of the daughters was averaged with the average production of
the dams in evaluating each dam.
The dams are arranged alphabetically under each breed and num-
bered consecutively. Unregistered dams without names are arranged
numerically by ear tag number at the end of each breed. An example
will illustrate the information given for each dam:
'SD ROSES BONNIE OF RIVERSIDE R=         7 Records Average 9922X-4J0%476F
Ba: 4-13- Lad 41                     3 Daus:    (IR-43%.18F 34 SimS
Sire:                      O~nl~ a 3,U(R.46=324F              mm) Sba
Dem: RgsSeq      vrside 8279                    (QR-SJS%-r27F 36)  W
"Herd 41" in bold type following the date of birth indicates that
this dam and her three daughters -were tested in the herd of John
Babbs, Richland Center, which is number 41 in the list of Production
Tested Herds.
The 39 in bold type after the registry number of the brood cow's
sire indicates that he is a proved sire whose daughter-dam comparisons
can be found under number 3 in the list of Progeny Tested Sires.
A similar figure after the dam's registry number would mean that she
was a "brood" dam and could be found under that number in the list
of Progeny Tested Dams.
Directly opposite the dam's name and number we see that she had
7 normal lactations on test averaging 9922 lbs. milk, 4.% fat, and
476 lbs. fat on a 305 day lactation, mature cow, 2 milkings per day
basis. The "29-36" after her production indicates that her records
made during the feed years from May 1929 to May 1937.
Below the dam's production, the information for each daughter
is given in a parenthesis. If a daughter herself has 3 or more tested
progeny a figure in bold face type immediately preceding the paren-
thesis gives the index number of that daughter in the Progeny Tested
Dam list. In each parenthesis the number of normal records averaged,
the average butterfat test, and the average butterfat production (ma-
ture, 305 day, 2x basis) and the years tested, respectively, are given.
The first daughter of this dam had 1 normal record of 4.43% fat, and
418 lbs. fat during 1934.
If the sire of a daughter is "proved", his index number in the
list of Progeny Tested Sires is given immediaely following the paren-
thesis. The first daughter of this dam is by Sire No. 29 and the other
two by Sire No. 70. Below the information for the daughter reference
is made by index number to any sons of that dam which are Progeny
Tested Sires.
Dams listed in Volume III not having at least 1 new tested daugh-
ter or 2 new daughter records are listed by name only with reference
to Volume III.

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