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Barish, Lawrence S. (ed.) / State of Wisconsin 1995-1996 Blue Book

Dedication,   pp. [iv]-[v] PDF (820.7 KB)

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  When Dr. H. Rupert Theobald, chief of the Legislative Reference Bureau,
retired in May 1994,
his tenure as director of a legislative service agency was the longest in
the country. His career
at the LRB was remarkable not only for its length, which was without precedent
and not likely
to be surpassed, but even more significant for the selfless dedication and
extraordinary accom-
plishments recorded during 37 years of service to the Wisconsin Legislature
and the people of
Wisconsin. In recognition of these contributions, the 1993 Legislature directed
that the
1995-1996 Wisconsin Blue Book be dedicated to Dr. H. Rupert Theobald. We,
as the staff of the
LRB and the beneficiaries of his leadership, are honored to fulfill this
  As a 20-year-old, Rupert Theobald came to Wisconsin in 1950 from his native
Germany to
study at the University of Wisconsin. The winner of a journalism scholarship,
he had hoped to
complete his degree and apply his skills as an interpreter and free lance
reporter in pursuit of a
career as ajournalist. Fortunately for the Wisconsin Legislature, things
did not work as planned.
Marriage, a lack of jobs in his field, and the need to support a growing
family resulted in a reor-
dering of priorities and necessitated a variety of part time and temporary
work. Dr. Theobald
eventually found a civil service position as a research associate with the
Legislative Reference
Library in 1957. He proceeded to spend the next 37 years at the LRB, where
he performed every

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