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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes / Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes : a hand-book of agriculture
Bulletin No. 11 (1897)

Watson, James R.
Growing sugar beets,   pp. 61-65 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 61

V      -7 177'~W  .?'! -% .                             -1I-   1~
J5AXU   3. WATOlN, 8UMsea, Wis                              l
I could  be  profitably  raised at the th
terms offered by the company, 11 SUD-.
scribed to raise two acres for use in
the beet sugar factory.
Planting and Cultivating.
Not having a plot of ground just
such as the company recommended          1
to grow our beets on, we selected a
piece that had been seeded down for
seven or eight years with June grass;
we plowed it down as deeply as we
could, prepared the ground thorough-
ly, and just about the time of plant-
ing corn we planted our beets. We
drilled them in with a hand drill, in
drills thirty inches apart, put them
in about half to three-quarters of an
inch  deep.  We cultivated them as
soon as they were up sufficiently so
we could see the rows, and about the
eleventh day of June we got some
laborers and had them  hoed.  We
kept them well cultivated during the
gr.winr meason. srd about the 19th
JAs. R. WATSOx.          day of July, the  season  being  so
The very low price of farm  pro-  favorable for grasses and weeds, we
ducts at the present time in general, were obliged to have them hoed once
is causing the farmers of Wisconsin| more. About the first of October the
to study with interest a new industry crop was ready for harvesting, but
that promises fair returns for their the company was uncertain whether
labor, and for which the soil and cli- they would get the factory completed
mate of Wisconsin seem to be well in time to use this year's crop, we
adapted. This new industry has had  did not begin harvesting until about
a good beginning in this state, in the 20th of October. We experiment-
Waukesha county, as one of the best ed somewhat at the beginning of the
equipped sugar beet factories in the  harvest and thereby increased the
country has been established at Me- cost, but the method  we finally
nomonee Falls. As a grower of beets adopted  was this: We took   the
for this new sugar beet factory, I am  coulter and wheel off a plow  and
here to give a statement of the cost of made a deep furrow closely along
growing sugar beets, together with  side of the rows of sugar beets. This
one year's experience in growing the  loosened them, and we could then
crop. Being satisfied with a previous  easily pull them up, and throw them
experience in growing  sugar beets      the top of the furrows made by
and other roots for stock, that they Ithe plow. At the beginn ingo f e

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