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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association 59th annual meeting October 25 - 26, 1950 Auditorium and Schroeder Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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we can eliminate them is to pledge ourselves, each and every one
,of us, to absolutely become instilled ,with a desire to do something
about correcting those conditions, and learn just a little better
how to live with one another - just a good neighbor policy. I
have some names I am going to read off: Ronald Johnston, Harvey
Schneider, Kenneth Bonney, Reuben Laach, Steve Koenig, August
Suemnicht, Henry Scah & Sons, Phil Thompson, Harry Pankow,
I. J. Karchak, Art Woldt, Clyde Johnson, Walter Minnig, Carl
Drachenberg, Frigo Bros., Joe Sartori. I could put on that list 25
or 50 more names. They happened to be exhibitors of different
classes this year, and those men, some of them at this convention,
are high scorers. They have first place in their particular class
for the first time, and the reason I want to mention that is because
it is not an accident that they are high scorers in their particular
class this year. They are high scorers because they have been in
there year after year trying to make a better product, to make a
better score next year. My hat is off to them. It is not hit and
miss. They are in year after year. That is what I like to see.
You can go to each and every one of those plants and you will find
them proud of their plant, proud of their job and proud of the
product they are turning out, as evidenced by the scores they pull-
ed down. I would like to see more another year. I would like to
have each and every member in the association get into the habit
of showing his cheese, and continuing to show it until he hits the
high spot
Now as far as a report of the activities of the association is
concerned, I think you have the picture pretty well. After all is
said and done, your bank balance is the final determination of the
success your activities have been. Len worked hard. George
worked hard, and I have done a little myself; and if we are per-
mitted to carry on, to do this kind of work in the future, I assure
you that we will work just as hard, and probably harder; and with
the cooperation of each and every one of you we will have a
powerful organization to represent you any place, any time.
PRES. KOPITZKE: We will now hear the results of the elec-
Mr. Kopitzke          _____._ ... . ...... _  62
Mr. Thompson ____.___ 15

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