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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-fourth annual convention November 13, 14, 1935 assembled in the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Rindt, Earl
Report of Lincoln County local,   p. 18 PDF (214.2 KB)

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In closing I wish to say that the Kewaunee Association is ready
to give the State Association a helping hand at all times and wish it
many years of success.
THu Szcau'Try: Mr. President, I wasn't in here all the while when
Mr. Sehaetzel, chairman of the auditing committee gave the report. You
probably notice in my report it rims up to the time the books were
turned over to me. Mr. Schaetzel give the audit of November 12th and the
figures he stated were as they are now. I want to make this correction
because it may leave a misunderstanding with some of the people. There
is at this time in the state fund $2369.64 and in the secretary's fund
MEL SCRANTZEL: Mr. President, I think it becomes necessary that a
resolution be passed in regard to the report as to rejecting it or
accepting it, as Secretary Ebert stated, I don't quite remember. But
it will be necessary Mr. President that the cheese makers vote on that,
either accepting it or rejecting it.
MR. HORN: Mr. President, I move you we adopt the secretary's re-
port as read.
(Motion seconded and carried.)
MaL PRESIDENT: I certainly want to thank Mr. Reynolds from Ke-
waunee for giving his report and for the attitude that they have taken
when they say they are willing to help this state association at any
time, and I certainly want to thank them for that and I know we have
other locals that feel the same way.
We will next hear from Earl Rindt from Merrill. Ladies and gentle-
men, I take pleasure in introducing to you Earl Rindt from Merrill,
secretary of the Lincoln County local.
I have been secretary of our association in Lincoln county for the
past four months and during that time we only held two meetings.
Some of the members of our association are not so very active; there-
fore, it is very hard to get them together but there is one thing I
would like to mention. Our association has done this-that is the
Lincoln County fair which was held in August. Our association had a
booth and all members of our association helped to decorate this booth,
all members bringing two or three forms or styles of cheese which
we had on display in this booth and which I think was a very nice
Our meetings haven't been very lengthy and I haven't much of a
report but if I am able to attend this convention next year, I sincerely
hope I will be able to give you a much better report. I thank you.
Ma. PRESIDENT: I want to thank you Mr. Rindt and we know if
you will be with us next year you will have a lengthy report and I
hope you have a very successful year In your county.
We will next hear from Art Johns of Luxemburg. Is Mr. Johns here?
Ladies and gentlemen, I take great pleasure in introducing Mr. Johns,
secretary from Luxemburg.

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