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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-fourth annual convention November 13, 14, 1935 assembled in the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Price, Walter V.
The importance of starter in cheese making,   pp. 83-87 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 83

Those two reasons were of course essential in the first place to having
a mutual, and they lead to our third reason for making such splendid
The third reason is the advice and help given us by our reinsurance
companies. All fire insurance on any factory, except $500, is reinsured
with the Millers Mutual of Alton, Illinois and the Western Millers
Mutual of Kansas City. Their secretaries came up here, examined
and approved our set-up, accepted our reinsurance and put their
combined assets of over three million dollars behind our policies. Both
companies have offered us the use of all their facilities, but I refer par-
ticularly to the Western Millers of Kansas City. Through their secre-
tary, Mr. B. M. Rogers, they have given us the utmost in cooperation,
even to the point of their check for $500 as the first subscription to our
guaranty fund. The many years that Mr. Rogers has successfully
operated the Western Millers has made him an outstanding national
figure in the insurance business. He has shown enough interest in
the cheese industry to come to this convention. He is in the audience
and I am going to ask the chairman to call on Mr. Rogers and have
him talk to you a few minutes, if he will. I thank you.
Ms. Pa IDNT: I take great pleasure in introducing to you Mr.
By Ms. R. M. RoGzas
Mr. President, you are not going to hear a speech at this time. You
have had a mighty good program and it has been very interesting
to me. I would like to say just a word or two about your company.
I have known Mr. Hicks for a good many years. He has a splendid
reputation as an insurance man and he knows his business. That was
our first inducement to take the re-insurance of the company.
I came up and niet him again and had the pleasure of meeting your
president and a number of the directors. Since that time I have had
the pleasure of getting better acquainted with them. They are a
mighty fine bunch of men. Your company is absolutely safe, I can tell
you that, because it is run on a business basis, conservative. They
are not taking chances at all and as long as you have got Mr. Hicks
handling the company you need not worry.
I assure you I have enjoyed coming to this meeting and meeting many
of you personally, and I am going to make it an annual visit after this.
I thank you.
MIL PRESID&NT: I take great pleasure in introducing Mr. W. V.
Price, who will speak to you on the "Importance of Starter in Cheese
By WALnmu V. Paxcz
The starters commonly found in Wisconsin cheese factories are
generally used for their acid or favor producing properties. The acid

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