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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-fourth annual convention November 13, 14, 1935 assembled in the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Graf, A. H.
Report of Northeastern Wisconsin Cheese and Butter Makers Association,   pp. 21-22 PDF (460.0 KB)

Page 21

yards looking In the stables and helping them, I think that movement
will be a great help to the cheese industry.
Just a while ago we had our convention at Beaver Dam, and had
quite a large attendance; we had some officers, officials of the Wis-
consin Cheese Makers Association, Mr. Whiting, the President, Mr.
Kopitzke, vice president, and Mr. Ebert. We were surely glad to see
them down there and I made my mind up I would be up here with you
on both days; Mr. Indermuehle will be here this afternoon and also
tomorrow, and we also will try to help to co-operate as much as possible
with the state cheese makers association and I hope that all the
branches will feel the same way toward the state association. I thank
THE PRESIDENT: We certainly want to thank Mr. Friedli for the
remarks be made and I surely did attend the Southeastern Association
and I enjoyed the afternoon. It was my first time down at the South-
eastern. I heard a lot about it and they certainly had a fine program
and a fine entertainment. I want to congratulate those boys and I
know they are working hard.
Carroll Clarson, Boscobel; J. N. Felton, Black Creek; G. E. Foelsch,
Greenwood; W. G. Price, Soldiers Grove. I am sorry there are so many
of these secretaries missing but as you all heard, they probably got up
late or had flat tires. P. E. Gotter, Thorp; F. E. Haase, Seymour,
secretary of Outagamie county; George Snyder from Dodgeville; J. H.
Wagner, Fremont; Werner Stauffer from Mt. Horeb; Clifford Huss,
Crivitz, Marinette County; H. H. Solie, from Abbotsford; B. L. Beitz,
Marshfield. I know the next man is here, Mr. A. H. Graf from Zachow,
secretary of the Northeastern Wisconsin Cheese Makers and Butter
Makers Association. I don't think Mr. Graf needs any introduction
because he has been your president of the association but I take pleasure
in introducing Mr. Graf of Zachow, secretary of the Northeastern
Cheese Makers and Butter Makers Association.
By ML A. H. GRw
Toadies and gentlemen, members: I am certainly glad to be here today
and to be able to attend this convention and I hope that we don't have
such a bad night that we won't be able to be here tomorrow. The
Northeastern Wisconsin Cheese Makers and Butter Makers Association
was organized eight years ago and we have always tried to co-operate
with the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association and since the Wisconsin
Cheese Makers had started to organize locals we have tried to co-operate
with them and felt it was really our duty to support the county local.
The county locals are doing a wonderful thing in the state, only it is
too bad there are not more of the cheese makers who will attend these
county local meetings. Now, the county locals are doing a wonderful
thing, I think. There are quite a number of the locals have put signs
on the barns advertising Wisconsin cheese and other things that are

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