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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Proposed amendments to the constitution,   pp. 17-19 PDF (705.3 KB)

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attend branch meetings during the last six months, and I attended
sixty-five of them.
Last year you voted to allow $750 to pay the traveling expenses to
attend these branch meetings. The directors appropriated five hun-
dred dollars. They are a little more economical than you are. I
spent only about $450 of it, so I was a little more economical than
the directors were; they have audited the books and have seen the
expense accounts and they are still on file in the office.
It has grown up as a sort of tradition in the minds of the cheese
makers of the State, that the Association somehow takes care of
itself, and that if they don't come to the convention they have no
particular reason to pay dues to the Association. To find out if this
is true, I put in the book on the first page an invitation to cheese
makers all over the state, two thousand of them, to send in their
$1.00 membership fee and I want to tell you I haven't received a soli-
tary dollar from any of them. They feel that they have no respon-
sibility to the Association, and if they don't come that is the end of it,
as far as they are concerned. That isn't the way other people do
The buttermaker who joins the Buttermakers Association pays
twelve dollars a year, whether he attends their convention or not.
This is an Eagles building. If you join the Eagles you don't get in
for a dollar a year. To join any lodge or go to any church, you don't
get by for a dollar a year.
You might instruct the secretary to send to each cheese maker in
the state, at his home, a bill for his membership for support of the
State Association. I don't know how much money you would raise
that way. The subject will come up for discussion no doubt tomorrow.
MB. MULoY: Mr. Chairman, I would say the present auditing com-
mittee made a check of the books yesterday; they know more about
the condition of finance than any other committee that could be se-
lected from the audience and I think it would be no more than right
if a recommendation for the purpose of raising additional funds for
another year should be made, that the auditing committee should be
in a position to make any necessary recommendations, and if we are
to have a committee, I make a motion that that committee act as
such committee.
Motion seconded and carried.
M. MuULoy: Mr. Chairman, I would like to have a little bit of
further information. Are we going to vote on it again to make it
constitutional, or do we have to vote against it to get it out of the
records. Wasn't the constitution legally amended last year regarding
the dues? If that amendment that was passed last year was en-
forced, that would give us about double the revenue we are getting

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