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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Kopitzke, L. E.
Response to address of welcome,   pp. 14-16 PDF (687.8 KB)

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sin Cheese." Something of that sort I think would aid your business
very materially and as far as the threat of the big cheese monopolies
is concerned, I think if you will just recall the picture of the Utility
Industry, you will have nothing to fear.
It isn't but a few years ago that there was a great fear that all
the electrical utilities were going to be controlled by one man and the
little fellows were beginning to squirm around and we soon found
that the superstructure that was built up to close the little fellow,
didn't do it at all. Eventually the cheese monopolies will fall under
their own superstructure and the little fellow will be king after all.
Before closing I can't help but recall to your attention one of the
staunchest friends you have in the State of Wisconsin, our own lead-
ing citizen, Charlie Broughton. He has carried on the battle for you
men continuously and I know he is sincere and he has at heart your
welfare; and before leaving I am quite sure you are all going to meet
him. He is one of your best and staunchest friends.
When the day's work is over we want you to enjoy yourselves to
the fullest extent. If in your going and coming and doing there have
been some minor infractions, we are awfully blind when our guests
do something like that. So feel free to enjoy yourselves to the fullest
extent, and if you are troubled in any way, don't hesitate to call on
me. Thank you.
Mr. President, Mayor Sonnenburg and Friends: I certainly wish to
thank Mayor Sonnenburg for his splendid address of welcome. The
fact that we are here again indicates we highly appreciate the hos-
pitality of the City of Sheboygan. Although this is but the second
time we are assembling here, I am sure we all have a kindly feeling
toward this city, and especially for that grand citizen, C. E. Brough-
ton, who invited us to come here a year ago. He not only invited us,
but also furnished this hall. We are also aware of the fact that he
has always befriended and fought for the farmers and cheese makers.
Mr. Broughton, as most of you know, is editor of the daily newspaper,
the Sheboygan Press, and through this paper especially and other
ways as well, he has greatly helped the farmers and cheese makers
and I wish to take this opportunity of thanking him in behalf of the
I will now endeavor to point out a few things which I think the
cheese producers and makers should concentrate their efforts upon
for the balance of 1934 and for 1935.
First, we must produce a quality product and second, we must get
out and sell our product.
Some of you will say that you have heard so much about quality
that it has become monotonous and you do not care to hear any
more. I will admit we have heard and talked a great deal about

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