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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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M1 BRUHN: As long as the cheese maker is producing cheese that
is lawful and as long as we don't catch him accepting milk of that
quality, we aren't going to do anthing.
MR HORN: And yet there is a law on the statute books demanding
that no milk be sold to any factory testing less than three per cent
butter fat.
MR. BRUHN: We are not going to do anything to the cheese maker,
but we are going to do something with that farmer.
THE PRESIDENT: I think this subject has been pretty well covered
and I want to thank Mr. Bruhn and everybody else. It is getting
late and we still have one more subject and I promise it won't take
over five minutes. I hope you will all stay and hear Dr. Price in
regard to making cheese in four different factories and after that we
will adjourn.
MR. SAMMIS: To meet the requirements of the constitution and
by-laws, if somebody will make a motion that the proposed amend-
ment be read by title at the present time, that will answer the pur-
MR. MALYoy: Mr. Chairman, does the constitution specifically state
what the dues are?
M. SAMMIs: It states some dues and various kinds of member-
ships and dues. The whole subject can be discussed after supper and
tomorrow and at that time we will arrive at some definite conclusion,
but to meet the requirement that something must be read today, it
will be sufficient if you make the motion that this amendment be read
by title only at the present time.
MR. MALLOY: Well, I will make a motion that the proposed amend-
ment to the constitution regarding the dues be read by title at this
Motion seconded and carried.
MR. SAMMIs: The title of this proposed amendment is this: "An
amendment to article three fixing the requirements for memborship
and dues." That has been read today and can be acted upon tomor-
THE PRESMDENT: The next subject is Reports from Branches.
Now, if there are any representatives of branches here, we can give
you about a minutes time to say a few words about your branch.
Ma. BRICK: We in Calumet county have about sixty members. We
have had posters printed, some large and some small and got a big
sign printed on highway 141, ten by twenty-five feet. It is electric
lighted. We have a meeting once a month and we have been talking
about starting a bandage factory.
Ma CONGER: The Sheboygan branch was organized December 2,
1932 with 34 members. We paid dues of twenty-five cents. At the
present time we have 74 members. We held one picnic this year in
August. At our last meeting we made the following resolutions:
Motion that any member belonging to two or more branch associa-
tions is only eligible to prize money from the county in which he lives
for high scoring cheese.
Txs PREsIDENT: Is there anyone else wishes to report?

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