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Florence, E. H. / Annual report of the Trempealeau County agricultural agent

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LOCAT lo  MfflH S
     Trempealeen County Breeders Coopera-
tive began insemination of cows for its
members herds on January 10th 1941. At
that time the organization consisted of
110 members which has since grown to l6l.
It was expected that 1200 cows would be
inseminated by the veterinarian employed,
during a years period. However, approxi-
mately 1700 to 1800 will be inseminated.
The association began with 6 bulls and
now have 10, including an outstanding Aber-
deen-Angus sire to be used for crossing
on poorer cows from which the members do
not wish to save youngstock. These off-
springs will be marketed within a year.
     Plans are underway to enlarge the
set-up to include two other counties,
namely Jackson and Buffalo. Signing of
members in those counties is in progress
and when completed additional veterina-
rians will be engaged.
     The following pages picture the or-
 ganizations facilities of the Breeders'
    The first calf to be born in
this area of Wisconsin through ar-
tificial insemination arrived on
Wednesday, October 15th on the
Julius Nelsestuen farm, in Norway
Valley, south of Arcadia.   This
heifer had as its sire Prince Orm-
seV Aggie Rag Apple.
     Ihch member reported normal
calves in every respect and natural-
ly have high regard for these ani-

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