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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

County superintendent and supervising teacher,   pp. 55-56 PDF (439.1 KB)

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   VM. THE COUNTY UPER                    DENT AND SUPER-
                          VISING TEACHZR
         I. The County Superintendent An Important Factor
     It must inevitably happen at times that men and women engaged
  in the training of country-school teachers enter upon their work
  strangers to the county whose teachers they are training. In very
  few cases are they in the beginning intimately acquainted with the
  ountry schools of the county. It is imperative that they become
  well acquainted with the county and country conditions.
    Whether this can be done in a short time and under encouraging
  circumstances depends very largely upon the county superintendent.
  No person should be able to say after teaching two months in any
  school training country teachers, that she has not had at least a
  few conferences with the county superintendent or the supervising
  teacher in regard to conditions in the county.
    The reports in the office of the state superintendent show that
  a number of county superintendents are visiting training depart-
  ments several times a year; others do not seem to have yet come to
  the realization that such visitation is necessary.
                     2. Circulars Sent to Teachers
    If a county superintendent has on file in his office annuals, re-
  ports, and circular letters which can readily be consulted by the
  stranger who is helping educate the teachers for his county, she
  should avail herself of these aids.
  A number or county superintendents In this state are issuing excellent
a nnuals and school papers. These deserve careful study by training teach-
  Pi'B and students The county superintendent should make It a practice to
  send to the training school enough copies of any literature which he sends
  . ut to provide every senior student with a copy. He should expect that
  ra iing teachers will be ready to write articles for whatever publications
  le issues. He should ask them to help him in conducting Institutes and
  me-tings for coinmtry teachers.
               3. Reporting on The Work of Alumni
   The county superintendent may further cooperate by reporting
 to training institutions the kind of work done by their graduates.
 When the county superintendent or the supervising teacher visits
 a graduate of a training school he should send a duplicate of the
 report which he fills out to the training school. After a number of
 graduates have been visited by the county superintendent or the
 supervising teacher, a conference should be held with the training
   If the teachers turned out by any school which trains teachers for the
 eounty are pot doing work up to the standard of the teachers trained by
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