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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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                       L INTRODUCTION
              1. For Whom This Panphlet Is Intende
   This pamphlet is intended for the use of all persons in Wisconsin
 directly interested in the training of country. teachers. It is hoped
 that It will be read by men and women who, though not responsible
 for school courses, are interested in improving country life through
 country schools.
              2. The Aim in View In Its Publication
  Its aim is to give publicity to the good work which has been dones
  and to offer concrete suggestions which may lead to better work in the-
  future. It is hoped that it may contribute towards the solution of
some of the problems which have puzzled training teachers and super-
  It is not proposed to offer suggestions concerning the teaching of
academic high school subjects, although students preparing to become-
country teachers need the fundamentals of a secondary education as.
well as professional training. Teachers of these academic branches.
should consult frequently the Manual of the Free High Schools of
Wisconsin issued by the Wisconsin State Department of Public In-
struction. The books on the State Teachers' Reading Circle List
especially adapted for high schools should be studied.
  II.    S    FOIR SUGGESTIONS AND R&ECOM                   A-
                         TIONS MADE
                 1. Reports of State Supervisors
  The supervisors in the state department have made numerous visits
during the past few years to schools training country teachers and,
also to country schools themselves. The conferences of county super-
intendents, of supervising teachers, and of training school teachers
held during the past few years have proven very suggestive.
             2. The Manual and Other Publications
  Ranking almost equal in importance with these first-hand observa-
tions has been a study of the 1916 edition of the Manual of the Ele-
nmentary Course of Study for the Common Schools of Wisconsin Is-
sued by the state department and of the catalogs published by county
training schools and state normal schools. Many recent books and
pamphlets by experts on country schools have been consulted. The
United States Bureau of Education bulletins have proven especialay
helpful. Some of the addresses heard at national rural conference
have furnished suggestions.

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