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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1941,   pp. 11-18 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 11

In January of 1941 two prominent women of Belleville, both
Pioneers of Exeter community, passed away. They were Mrs. Hannah
Staley and Mrs. Percy Jordan.
The 1940 officers of the Belleville Community Club were re-
elected in 1941. President, A. J. Roberts, Vice President, H. S.
Hoesly, Sec. Treas., C. D. Zentner. The previous year had been
very successful under the direction of these officers. Beginning
the year with ninety dollars and twenty-four cents, they ended
with a balance of three hundred forty-two dollars and four cents.
During the year they purchased a loud speaker system costing one
hundred sixty-four dollars, paid out four hundred dollars for movies,
donated fifty to playground activities, and stood the expense of
the community Christmas party.
The Belleville Yass team beat New Glarus 80-60. Alfred
Wenger was high score for the locals with a nine won, one loss
In late January of that year, deputy sheriff E. M. Disch
rounded up a trio of chicken thieves who stole, over a period of
time, one thousand chickens. The theft had been going on for two-and-
a-half years. The thieves were a mother and her two sons. Shf
would drive her sons to the place to be raided and return
later after they had secured their loot. The chickens were then sold
in New-Glarus and other nearby towns.
The honor students for the first semester at school were

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