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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 21 (May 1937)

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G. IL.
A News Letter to Former Students
Department of          Edited by the present            College of
Genetics                Graduate group               Agriculture
No. 21                                              May 10, 1937
Although replies to our information blanks are still coming
in, it is with a feeling of satisfaction that we report returns on
87 of the 225 sent out. The wholehearted cooperation on the Dart of
the members of the linkage group now in "the wide, wide world"
made possible the compilation of some very interesting facts.*
Of the total, 80 men and 7 women, 44 have received their
Ph.D. at Wisconsin; 76 are in the U.S., 6 in Canada, and 1 in each of
the following countries: S. Africa, Chili, Hawaii, Yugoslavia, and
the Philippine Islands. Of these 45 are working with animals, 31
with plants' and 11 are in other fields.
It is also interesting to note that 74 men and 2 women
apparently decided that they could not get through life alone, while
2 men and 1 woman with Ph.D.'s and 4 men and 4 women without Ph.D.'s
believed they could fight it out single-handed. We note smith
pleasure that the Diff./St, Dev. = 1.6 (p=q) obtained from the sex
rati o of the F1 segregation of 51 boys and 68 girls is not a signifi-
cant difference.  AnDarently, therefore, as of Shakesneare, "All's
well that ends we]-1,i"
(In the following summary, 11-11 indicates married, and the
children, if any, are represented by, IIB"I for boys and "'G"
girls.  Dates at Wisconsin are included in parentheses.)
Many replies indicate that a number of former students
are planning to attend the Poultry Science Association meetings
which will be held at Madison this August.
The activities of the Department have been omitted from
this issue of the Genotype in order to give a co-Yolete compilation
of all the replies.
t Albrecht, Herbert R. (B.S. 31; M.S.33, 34-36) Asst. Agronomist,
Alabama Polytechnic Inst., Auburn, Ala. -- Forage cron
+   Alexander, Mrs. L. J. (Thelma McWilliams)(28S, 28, 29, Ph.D.30)
2B      830 Quinley Ave., Wooster, Ohio.
Arnason, Thomas J. (32-34 Ph.D.)   Inst. in Biol., U. of
Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. -- Cytogenetics of wheat
+   Asmundson, Vigfus S. (24S, 28S, 29S, 29, Ph.D.30)   Asst. Prof.
1G      of Poultry Husb., U. of Calif., Coll. of Agr., Davis, Calif.
Physiology of reproduction in poultry, genetics of turkeys
and poultry.
*(The linkrage group is composed of those who have been associated
with the Department as majors, minors or as members of the Seminar.)

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