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Hagen family; Solem, Andrew P. / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 1 ([unpublished])

Meridean 21 September [18]79/ To Siri and Marit Solem* PDF (372.6 KB)

To Siri and Marit Solem* Meridean 21 September 79
Good friends!
I have planned for a long  time  to  write  to  you, but  it hasn't  been
 done  because  I  have written a letter almost every Sunday though not all
hom, but the greatest  part  to your  neighbor, so  I think you have heard
how it is with me here; this must do  as  my  excuse.  I  am  well  as  usual,
getting  along fine and in all resprects everything is good with me, and
for that I have our dear God to  thank.  Now  I want  to  ask  how  is  it
with you?  I see by Grandfather's letters that you,Siri,are very said over
my leaving, but  you must  not grieve over that because for me there should
be no concern.  I do not regret at all that I came  here  and  the work has
not been hard up until now either, something that I imagined  while I was
still in Norway.  Of course, it can be difficult when a person must always
 be prepared  to  begin work  when  the  mill  (whistle) blows for then one
does not have to wait long before it is in full swing.  But then  one also
 is  prepared to quit when it blows, so it is good with one here at the mill
that he gets  to  know  when  he  shall begin and quit with his work.  The
working hours here are 12 hours daily and continue from 6:00 in the morning
until 7:00 in  the  evening  with  a  1  hour's  rest  for  dinner, so supposedly
it is 6 hours between meals during the day; but a person gets to eat unchallenged
what he needs in the morning before he begins with his work and  this  is
 so  for  every single  meal, and  he  can  also stick a bite of food in
his pocket if he thinks it is a long time  between  meals, so  a person 
does  not  need  to  go  hungry  in America, because although it  is  long
  between  meals, the  food  is  good besides, so  a person can well get
along with 3 meals a day.  I see by the first letter I received from Grandfather
that I should greet Nils Sneen and his wife and  family  and  Knud.  14 days
ago I met Anders Sneen, son of Nils.  He was here in Meridean  on  an  errand.
 I brought him your greetings, and I heard at the same time that everything
was well with all  of you.  Knud  asked  me when we parted that I should
greet you and Aspeggen** when I wrote, which I  promised  (to do).  I will
 quit  this time with affectionate greetings to you and everyone in the house.
You will obviously have to study much before  you  can  read this  letter
as I am writing fast so it is not very legible, but I think with time you
will read it.
(In the margin) You must write some words to me and put  in the letter when
Grandfather writes and at the same time tell me how it is with you.
*Siri and Marit were the servant girls at Nord-Solem.  Siri came  from  the
Aspeggen farm, and Marit from Oyegrinda, but because they were living at
Solem they are  referred  to  by that name.  Marit emigrated to Eau Claire
in 1882 and married Anders in 1883.
*Referring to Knud's family at Aspeggen.

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