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Hagen family; Sende, Elling Anderson / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 2 ([unpublished])

From Elling Sende/ Eau Claire the 27th May 1890 PDF (294.6 KB)

From Elling Sende
Eau Claire the 27th May 1890
Dear Sister and Family.
I  received your very welcome letter several weeks ago
 and was happy to see and hear by it that you are all in good 
health and the same good news I can   also, God  be  praised, 
bring   back from all of us, that we are to this (God's) day
 well and find ourselves as usual.
I want to tell you  that I  and  Guruanna   and  Mother
 Snausen were out in the country and visited Ole Eskilson and 
Elling   Skrove  and Jakob   Olson and   Syvert  Reittan  and
 Seffinias Reittan.   I also talked with  Seffinias  Vangstad,
 and   there  were many other Vaerdaling people.  We were gone 
four days and we also attended  church   services  there.  It
 was   about  one hundred miles from here.  We traveled to the 
Red Wing station and there we met Ole Skei and then    we had 
to   be  taken  by  horse from there another ten miles.   Odin
 came and met us there.   Yes. that was a most pleasant  trip. 
It   is  very  pretty  out  there, a  very  luxurious farming 
country.   They wanted me so badly to  come   out  there  and
 farm.   It cost the three of us about fifteen dollars.
Ole  Eskilsen  talked  about his desire to go to Norway
 and visit his   old  father  next winter, and   then   I  made
 arrangements with him that I should got there and manage for 
him while he is away.   Oh, you can't believe how much fun it
 was.   It  was  the most pleasasnt trip we have made since we
come to America.
I hope that you will be so kind as to tell me how it is 
over at Moan now since there was an auction   there, and  how
 it is with old Arnt.   Elling Skraave says that he would like
 to have brought Peder Moan here but he can not do it as long 
as   his  father lives.  He could have work with Elling so he
 would not have to go to strange people if he   did  not   want 
Concerning the Nordenfjelske newspapers that I hear you
 have   sent, I have not received any of them.  So I would ask
 that in your goodness, when you  go   to  Levanger, that  you
 would   talk with   the editor about it.  It  is most strange 
that it doesn't   come through, but I will send you the money
 that you paid out.   As to the papers I sent you, I did   that
 out   of my own desire that you should have something to pass 
away the time, but when you had to pay ...
Remainder of letter is missing.

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