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Hagen family; Sende, Elling Anderson / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 2 ([unpublished])

Eau Claire Wis dec 19. 1888 PDF (463.6 KB)

Eau Claire Wis dec 19. 1888
Dear Brother-in-law;
Having  received   your  very welcome letter, I will sit 
down right away and answer it.    I am so happy every  time I 
get   a letter from our old fatherland, and get to hear about
 so many things.
I want to first tell you  that  we  are  all   well  and
 active  up   to  this   time, for which we ought to thank the almighty God.
  We are now completely  alone   at home.  This 
summer  we   have  had   nine  men  here with us whom we call
 "boarders."   They have work at the sawmills in the summer
 in the winter they are in the woods so it is   just   my wife
 and   two  boys, but  after  Christmas I shall also go to the 
woods which is the custom and practice   here  in  Wiskonsin.
 Of   the  people  who live in the towns so it is in the mills 
during the summer and in the woods during the winter.   There
 is not much woods traffic yet because    it has  been  almost
 like   summer  the  entire autum, but after Christmas we hope 
there will be snow so that there is a better chance to go to
 the woods.   I must tell you that I am expecting some great company 
for Christmas.   Beret Langfald had a letter from him, namely
 Ole Eskelsen, and he said that he and Sivert Redoine and his
 wife would come and visit me and Per Langfald    at  Christmas
if we were at home.
And then I must tell you that an Abstinence Society has 
been   started  here  in   town and  both   I and my wife have
 joined, and likewise both my boys.   And then I must tell you
 that I have sent you several newspapers so that you can    see
how   it  went with our Presidential election.   It is namely, 
the Republican Party which has won.
We have it very pleasant here with church services   and
 worship.   We have two ministers.   The one is known as Pastor
G. Hoyme, who   has   been  here  for fourteen years.  And the 
other is Pastor Tangjerd.    He came this summer and had just 
married.   They  are both good ministers and the first one is 
President over the entire conference congregations.*
You are sent many greetings from Mikal Hansen   and  his 
family, and from the old mother, but mostly from me, my wife
 and   children.  Greet   everyone who  wishes  to be greeted.
 Also to Moan from Anna langfald.    She is often here with us.
(There is no signature to this portion, but it was obviously
 dictated by Elling, and written by son Gustav.)
To Jakob and Anders.
As there is room for a few lines more I will say a   few 
words   to  the little boys.   I want to tell that I have gone
 to the Norwegian school during the summer   but  now   it  has 
stopped, and   after  Christmas   I will  be   starting at the 
English School.   And I wish that you were here so   then  you
 could   also  learn   to speak English.  I have recently begun
 "going to the minister".**
Gustav Andersen

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