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Hagen family; Sende, Elling Anderson / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 2 ([unpublished])

Eau Claire, 25. 4. [18]83 PDF (287.2 KB)

Eau Claire, 25. 4. '83
Dear Mother: Anna Olsen
I  have  received  your letter  of the 21st of the 2nd 
month, addressed to my daughter.  And I see thereby that you
 live as usual, and that is a great joy for me and all of   us
 to   hear, which  also  I can report from us.  We are all in 
good health as of this date, for which we  praise  the   Lord 
for all his blessings, thanks and honor.
Then  I  can  tell you  that  I have work in the woods 
during the winter and returned three weeks ago.  I was   gone 
for   four  and  a half months, thirty-two dollars per month,
 and I will now start working at the mills.  Anna   works   in
the city here for Americans and receives two dollars a week. 
She is thriving and getting bigger.
Karl  was at Karl Snausen's in the country this winter,
but now is at home.  Gustav has gone to  English School    the
 entire   winter and is outstanding with the English language 
for his age, and in other ways he is clever  and  quick, and
 has   considerable  capabilities. Little Emelie has her work
in feeding her two   small songbirds, and  playing  together 
with the little girls; and now is the time has come for such
in the beautifull spring and lovely weather.
I  feel  a  need to ask about the money which I sent to 
Seffinias Figse (?), of which ten kroner   (crowns) was    for
 you, Mother, and   five  for Ole Bastian, of which I have not
 received any information.  Whether they have  received   some 
or   kept them I will have to find out by writing to Johannes 
Vollen, and when you write you can  note   whether you   have 
received   anything  from them.  I  sent fifteen kroner more 
than the statement required.
I cannot say that I have any further news which   could 
be   of  any  interest  for you  to hear.  You must take the 
letter along to him so he can see that we are all  well    and 
in   good health.  Therefore I will interrupt my writing with 
many greetings to the relatives and  friends  together   with
 all   the  neighbors and finally a friendly greeting from us 
all here, and finally a fond greeting from your son
Erling Andersen Sende
Write again soon, farewell Mother
Erling Andersen Sende
S.t.a., P.O. box 312
Nord amerika

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