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Hatch, K. L. [1871-]; Kirkpatrick, E. L.; Trenk, F. B. / A proposed program for resettling isolated settlers now located in restriced [restricted] use districts in zoned counties in Wisconsin

VI. Relationship of rural resettlement division to other governmental agencies,   pp. 7-10 PDF (1011.4 KB)

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the selection of the settlers, and as follows:
        (a)  Settlers representing the most Aggravated cases of high
             governmental exnense for roads, schools, relief And public
             health services, snd where relocation would eliminate in part
             or in whole such excessive governmentcl costs and be in the
             interest of the oublic welfare.
        (b)  Settlers who are so lcnted As to be a constnnt fire hazard
             to Areas of merchantable timber on which locpl governmental
             units deoend for revenue, local industry MeiDends for raw
             mstoripls, and local oeoule deinend for emnlovment.
        (c)  Settlers locnted on lnAd of low agricultural value, on
             land too hiller, ston-, swaimpn, or sandyr to maintain F farm
             family under any type of agricultural use.
        (d)  Settlers who because of nhysical or mental conditions will
             in all orobability never "make P go" of it and whN
             will be "on the torn" for assistannee, Although such
cases may
             not meet the requirements for rehabilitation under the oresent
             nrogram, if left in their present location, they will mean
             an unnecessary waste of both human rind financial resources.
        (a)  Settlers too far removed from a m-rket torn, for examnrle,
             those left stranded as a result of removal of a railroad which
             provided a close market outlet for bulky oroducts like
        (f)  Settlers who have permanentl lost or are about to lose all
             outside sources of additional income unon which theyr were
             formerly entirely deoendent and who, therefore, must look to
             a new loc-tion for P. new future.
        (g)  Settlers who do not now represent an excessive burden but who
             in the near future will cause such A burden for roads, bridges,
             or schools, (ie) families located many miles from an established
             school with one or more children who will be of schonl age in
             * short time.
1.  Cooneration with County Resettlement Committee,
        All anolicpnts for relocation under this nrrject are to be considered
by the Resettlement Committee of the Countr in which they qre located.  
rerort of this committee with resnect to nny anonlicp.nt 'ill be advisor-T
nature and will be used by the Rurml Resettlement Division Rs a basis for
negotiations with the  n-olicnnt.
      1-, t - E. i!
WIAXK.t , nW6123rou

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