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Goc, Michael J. / From past to present : the history of Adams County

[Adams County chronology],   pp. 166-171 PDF (4.7 MB)

Page 166

cucumber pickers. 
*Country-music singers 
Waylon Jennings and Porter 
Waggoner perform at the 
Adams Theater. 
* Developer N.E. Isaacson 
dams 14 Mile and Spring 
Branch Creeks to form Lake 
Sherwood, a 500-lot subdivi- 
sion in Rome. 
'With the aid of a $1.95 
million federal loan and 228 
county investors, Lewis 
Container opens a corru- 
gated container factory on 
25-acres of former railyard in Adams, 
bringing 150 new jobs to the county. 
* The county board requires that the 
sheriff and his four road officers wear 
the same uniforms. 
*Once again Developer N.E. Isaacson 
dams 14 Mile and Spring Branch 
Creeks, this time to form Lake 
Camelot and surrounding subdivi- 
* Bad News: A fire running a mile 
wide by seven long destroys 2,500 
acres of woodland and the century- 
old New Chester Congregational 
Church; working alone, Ed Huber 
saves the New Chester Town Hall 
from the flames. 
Above: The Deer Lodge Lake dam on 
Fourteen Mile Creek created a small lake 
that became part of the much larger Lake 
are organized in the state; Adams 
county is split between Madison in 
the south and Mid-State in the north. 
'An annex is constructed on the 
south side of the court house to 
provide more office space. 
* With funding from county taxpay- 
ers, the county hospital inaugurates 
an ambulance service with one 
vehicle and three male attendants. 
'Bad News: Heavy snows force the 
roofs of the Patrick's Lake Resort and 
i-h'AriamqO'nr  r, R4vc-i i  n nr - 
1969                                   ............. aI" ...................
'The old wooden star on Friendship 
Mound is replaced with a more 
durable metal model.                  Below: The Shermalot Water Ski team,
* The New Chester Volunteer Fire      1998. Construction of three lakes in
Department is organized.              Rome created a new community and a
'Vocational-Technical school districts  ten-fold increase in population.
the Opera House collapse 
also destroys the adjacent 
IGA grocery. 
* Bad News: Fire destroys the 
newly-completed Chalet at 
*County population: 9,234 
*Marcella Hardin and 
Delores Roseberry become 
the first women elected to the 
county board. 
'Consolidated Papers buys 
Lewis Container and renames 
it Castle Rock Container. 
*The Adams County Snow- 
mobile Association is organized. 
*The first county Planning and 
Zoning Committee is named and a 
Shoreline Protection Ordinance is 
'The World Wide Church of God 
purchases land for a convention 
center in Dell Prairie. 
'The state government begins 
construction of a youthful offender 
facility in New Chester. 
'Bad News: Fishing is restricted on 
Castle Rock and Petenwell Lakes due 
to hazardous levels of mercury in the 
'Music promoters announce their 
intention to hold an outdoor rock 
concert in New Chester; the county 
board requires a $1 million bond and 
the concert idea dies. 
**A addition expanding classroom, 
home economics, shop and library 
space opens at the high school. 

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