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Goc, Michael J. / From past to present : the history of Adams County

Adams County Memorial Hospital,   pp. 164-165 PDF (1.6 MB)

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Adams County Memorial Hospital 
The first resident physician on record 
in Adams County was James Harrison 
who practiced in Friendship and Barnum 
in the 1870s. In the late 1880s, W.E. 
McGowan opened his practice of "eclec- 
tic" medicine, which combined homeo- 
pathic beliefs with more conventional 
treatment. Patients were cared for in their 
home, or if necessary in the home of the 
physician. To make emergency calls as 
quickly as possible McGowan--like other 
country doctors--kept a fast team of 
horses that he also liked to race at the 
county fair. 
After the turn of the century, Dr. G. 
F. Treadwell operated what can be called 
the first hospital in Friendship out of his 
office on the east side of Main Street. 
The county's first "modern" hospi- 
tal came along in 1937, when Doctors 
Harry Shapiro and A. J. Harris built a 
14-bed brick structure with an "air-con-     The hospital built by Doctors
Shapiro and Harris in Adams in 1937. 
ditioned" operating room in Adams. By 
the end of the 1940s, community leaders 
were organizing to build a new hospital 
with the aid of federal funds, county taxes 
and volunteer contributions. After a num- 
ber false starts and delays the hoopital 
association, led by Robert Roseberry and 
Doctor Arthur Weihe, assembled the re- 
sources necessary. They were aided 
mightily by a gift of real estate and funds 
from George and Mary Polivka. County 
government also assisted, along with 
many community people who made con- 
tributions large and small. The fund drive 
climaxed with the celebration of the 
Friendship Centennial in 1957. Ground 
for the new hospital in Friendship was 
broken in 1958, with the opening dedi- 
cation ceremony taking place the follow- 
ing year. 
In the forty years since, the hospital 
has made many additions to its physical 
plant and to the services it provides. In  At a hospital event in the 1960s:
Carole Janssesn, Dr Martin Janssen, Governor 
addition to providing essential health care  Warren Knowles, Marcia Weihe,
aide to the Governor Dr Arthur Weihe. 
to the community, the hospital is also a 
major employer, and a postive contribu- 
tor to the quality of life in the county. 
In 1999, the medical staff, all of 
whom have served for over twenty years, 
is Dr. Martin Janssen, Dr. Rahmatollah 
Simani, Dr. Ramakrishnan Sankaran, Dr. 
Muzaffar Mirza, Dr. Muhammad Esmaili 
and Dr. Jaleh Esmaili. 

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