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Goc, Michael J. / From past to present : the history of Adams County

Adams County chronology,   pp. 140-163 PDF (19.3 MB)

Page 140

* Fur traders Jacques Porlier and 
Agustin Grignon open a trading post 
at Pointe Basse on the Wisconsin 
River, a few miles north of what will 
become the northern boundary of 
Adams County. 
* Frank Provonsal, of French-Indian 
descent, opens a fur trading post on 
the west bank of the Wisconsin about 
two miles above Petenwell Rock. 
e Fur trader Amable Grignon and his 
wife Marie Judith Bourassa take up 
residence at the mouth of Grignon's 
Creek, later known as Fourteen Mile 
Creek in northern Adams County. 
* Daniel Whitney and Amable 
Grignon are both authorized by the 
Menominee Indians to build sawmills 
on the left bank of the Wisconsin 
across from what will become 
* Whitney builds his mill and, to 
supply it with equipment and 
supplies hauled by oxcart, blazes the 
"Pinery Road" north from Portage 
through Adams County. 
*The Black Hawk "War" ends. 
o Sauk Chief Black Hawk surrenders 
to "One Eye" Decorah, of the Ho 
Chunk, after hiding in a "cave" at the 
Dells in Adams County--according to 
some records. 
o Daniel Whitney runs the first raft of 
lumber from northern Wisconsin 
down the Wisconsin River. 
* Congress organizes Wisconsin 
* The Menominee Indians sign the 
"Lumberman's Treaty," to allow 
logging and sawmilling in a three- 
mile wide strip along the banks of the 
Wisconsin upstream from Nekoosa to 
**John Bourassa Grignon is born at the 
Grignon place on Fourteen Mile 
Creek; he is recorded as the first non- 
Indian child born in what will become 
Adams County. 
o Men from the Wisconsin Ho-Chunk 
tribe visiting Washington D. C. are 
coerced into signing a treaty by which 
they give up all their remaining land 
in Wisconsin. 
o John T. Kingston makes a winter 
journey from Portage to the Big Dells 
of the Wisconsin cruising for white 
pine timber. 
ejared Walsworth marries a 
Menominee woman and is allowed to 
settle near the Indian village located 
about two miles east of Lake Mason. 
o Robert Allen builds a cabin on 
Blackhawk Island, at the head of the 
Wisconsin Dells. 
o Federal troops arrive at Portage to 
gather the Ho Chunk people and 
remove them to reservations in Iowa. 
* The Maid of Iowa, 130-feet long, 20 
wide, becomes the first steamboat to 
navigate through the Upper Dells and 
upstream into Adams County waters. 
* The Territorial Legislature creates 
Portage County to include land north 
of the Fox and east of the Wisconsin 
* Once again, federal troops attempt 
to remove the Ho Chunk from central 
o The Ward family settles on Indian 
land in what is not yet the Town of 
New Haven. 
o William Sylvester settles on Indian 
land and opens the Marsh House 
tavern on the Pinery Road near what 
will become Grand Marsh. 
* M. Strong opens a tavern where the 
Pinery Road crosses the Big Roche-A- 
* Henry and Lorenzo Van Wie settle 
on Indian land in what will become 
the Town of Dell Prairie. 
* The Menominee Indians sign a 
treaty relinquishing their rights to 
land in east central Wisconsin, 
including Adams County. 
*James Edson builds a mill on the 
creek and founds Plainville. 
March 11, 1848 
*The Wisconsin Territorial legislature 
creates the county of Adams; the new 
county lies west of the Wisconsin and 
south of the Lemonweir River and is 
attached to Sauk County for judicial 
and electoral purposes. 
*The Town of Lemonweir is orga- 
nized as the first Town in Adams 
*Using lumber discarded by a 
lumberman traveling on the road 
from Stevens Point, a man named 
Stowe builds the first house at 
Coloma Corners. 
*Settlers in the Briggsville area, who 
are "squatting" on unsurveyed land 
not yet for sale, organize a "Claim 
Protection Society." 
* Adams County population (on both 
sides of the Wisconsin): 187. 
'The county's first post office opens 
at the Marsh House. 
'Thomas Rich opens a private school 
at Dell Prairie. 
'Peter Larson builds a cabin on the 
Big Roche A Cri and starts the 
Norwegian settlement of Strongs 
'Alexander Briggs and Amphilius 
Chamberlain dam Neenah Creek and 
create Lake Mason to supply water 
power for their mill. 
9 Schuyler and Leroy Gates build the 
first bridge across the Wisconsin at 
the Narrows of the Dells. 
' The Towns of Necedah and the Dells 
are organized west of the Wisconsin. 
' Federal surveyors complete the 
survey of all but three towns in 
northeast Adams County, finally 
opening the land to legal purchase 
and settlement. 
' All of Adams County is surveyed 
and the land is ready for sale. 
'Increase A. Lapham, "Wisconsin's 

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