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Goc, Michael J. / From past to present : the history of Adams County

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From Past To Present is the final project of the Adams County Sesquicentennial
observation. Major funding for the book 
came from the volunteer efforts of the Sesquicentennial Committee who dedicated
all proceeds from Sesquicentennial events and 
sale of souvenirs to the project. Additional funding came from individuals
and the Adams County Historical Society. Proceeds 
from the sale of the book go to the Adams County Historical Society to further
its work of collecting and preserving the history of 
the county. 
This book is the work of many hands. It is the result of countless hours
of research on the part of volunteers who committed 
many days and nights to the project. The work began many years ago when the
Adams County Historical Society established an 
archive of county history. The records and other source material used in
this book are housed there. 
A special word of thanks is owed to: Barbara Weade, for financial and moral
support; Cathy Croke, for her year's work 
collecting the "bad news" of county history and county government;
Barbara Morgan, who researched county government, the 
poor farm, the schools, Easton, Grand Marsh, and many other subjects on request;
Roberta Ebert and Elaine Babcock, who put 
together the map of country schools; Marie Vickers, who has spent decades
collecting the history of Adams and Friendship and 
who generously shared it; Carol Ann Podoll, for the overtime hours spent
on the book; Mary Lee Klaus, for organizing the family 
histories and assisting throughout the project. 
Thanks also to: 
Alma Thurber, Tammy Wormet, Carol Klaus, Karen Church, Alice Parr, Jennilee
Podoll, Jaclyn Podoll, Rachel Goc, Keiko Ono, 
Ed "Chief' Williams, Gordon Klaus, Clay Nichols, Jeannette Batko, Dolores
Bloomfield, Connie Waterman, Joan Jones, Jerry 
Carlton, June Hesler, Norm Rabl, Keith Wohlfert, Julie Goodhue, Jodi Helgeson,
Charlene Klicko, Bev Ward, Dennis McFarlin, 
Don Hollman, Jean Reese-H.H.Bennett Studio, Bud Gussel-Dells Country Historical
Society, Tim Siebert-Portage County 
Historical Society, Bill Paul-State Historical Society Archives, University
of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. 
The Adams County Sesquicentennial Committee: Dave Repinski, Charlie Griepentrog,
Joyce Kirsenlohr, Michael Goc, Barbara 
Morgan, Teri Casper, Harry Davis, Lucille Davis, Tom Flick, Suzy Dehmlow,
Helmer Lecy. 
Edited by Michael J. Goc 
Publishing Assistant: Carol Ann (Huber) Podoll 
Copyright © 1999, Adams County Historical Society and New Past Press
All Rights Reserved: No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or
by any electronic or mechanical means including 
information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from
the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote 
brief passages in a review. 
Printed in the United States of America 
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data 
Goc, Michael J. 
From past to present:* the history of Adams County / Michael J. Goc. 
p. cm. 
Includes biblographical references and index. 
ISBN 0-938627-46-5 (alk. paper) 
1. Adams County (Wis.)--History. 2. Adams County (Wis.)--History--Pictorial
I. Title. 
F587.A2 G63 1999 
977.5'56--dc2l                                            99-049606 

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