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Pardee, Aurel Baker / [Diary of Aurel Baker Pardee]

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[Editor's Note: Parts of this diary were published in A history of United States Army Base Hospital No. 
36 (Detroit College of Medicine and Surgery Unit) organized at Detroit, Michigan, April 11th, 1917. 
D629.U8F8 A2, available online]
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Elsie DeWolfe
No. 9 Rue de la Madeline
Aurel is 85
On Oct 4, 1971 Compiegne France
That day in November of nineteen eighteen
Is one which in Mem'ry we keep evergreen,
For then came the message that warfare had ceased,
That from carnage and bloodshed loved ones were released.
How our hearts leaped with joy as the shadow of fears
That had gripped us in bondage throughout the past years
Was shattered and scattered and  'gone with the wind,'
As the sunlight of  'Peace' came filtering in!
Oh, the whistles, they blew, and the bells, they did ring,
And ev'rewhere folks were inspired to sing!
To some, the more thoughtless it meant 'holiday,'
But to others it meant true reason to pray-
To give thanks to the kind Heav'ly Father above
For sending the Armistice, sign of His Love.
But alas! there were those for whom came too late
The message of good news- no more would they wait-
For them the tale had already been told-
Their bright star of blue had turned to bright gold.
But again, and alas! that first Armistice Day
That all thought and hoped had come for to stay,
Has been clouded and shrouded by grim War's return,
Bringing other great conflicts to cause hearts to yearn.
So through the years since men have answered the call
To fight for our country, give their best and their all,
And so we no longer say  'Armistice Day,'
It's now all-inclusive -it's  'Veterans' Day.'
Tonight we are gathered in this year sixty-one
To honor our men who though fighting was done.
May God bless them and keep them and give us release
From War's deadly perils -O, God, give us Peace!
Original poem written by Francis
L. Allen (Mrs. Martin Allen). Written
For and read by Mrs. Allen at the 1961
American Legion and Auxiliary banquet
held on the evening of Nov. 11
in Platteville, Wisconsin.

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