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Historical / architectural resources survey, Village of Thiensville, Ozaukee County

Chapter 14: recommendations,   pp. 62-78

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Historical and Architectural Resources Survey
Village of Thiensville                                                        Page 62
Of the 161 properties inventoried and photographed, fifteen were thought to offer a sufficient degree
of historical intrigue and/or architectural integrity to suggest potential for listing on the National
Register. A discussion of each of those fifteen resources, as well as two historic districts, along with
a recommendation regarding Register eligibility, follows:
Address                                 Map Code                  NRHP Evaluation
Main Street Historic District           See Appendix D            Potentially Eligible
The Main Street Historic District includes a total of ten
structures; all of which are considered to be contributing. The
district, which dates from 1895-1927, includes five commercial
structures, a municipal building, three residences, as well as an
outbuilding--five structures of which were associated with the
locally prominent Bublitz family. The resources include the
following: the Thiensville Fire Station/Village Hall located at
101 Green Bay Road (Photo Code 75/13) ; the Oscar J.
Bublitz Grocery Store at 101 N. Main Street (Photo Code
76/11); the Riemer Residence at 107 W. Buntrock Avenue
(Photo Code 83/15); the Commercial House Hotel located at
105 S. Main Street (Photo Code 76/10); the Otto Bublitz
Investment Property/L.F. Bartelt Furniture Store & Undertaking
at 106-108 S. Main Street (Photo Codes 75/14, 75/15); the
Maas-Bublitz Residence at 116-122 S. Main Street (Photo
Code 75/11); the John Bublitz & Son General Store at 121-123
S. Main Street (Photo Code 76/13); the Walter Bublitz    Figure 1:101 Green Bay Road. Map
Residence at 127 S. Main Street (Photo Code 76/12); and the  Code 75/13.
Thiensville Recreation Parlor at 128-130 S. Main Street
(Photo Code 75/17). The district is considered eligible under Criterion A, for its association with the
development of the Village of Thiensville in general, as well under Criterion B, regarding the Bublitz
family, and the contributions they made to the commercial development of the area.
Of the aforementioned structures, two are also thought to be individually eligible for the Register.
Constructed in 1914, the Thiensville Fire Station and Village Hall at 101 Green Bay Road (Photo
Code 75/13) served the community of Thiensville as its municipal center from 1914 until the new
village facility was completed in 1974. Featuring a cream brick exterior, the largely vernacular,
former fire station and village hall retains a significant degree of integrity and stands as a testament
to the development of the village government. Therefore, the structure is considered eligible for the
Register under Criterion A. The second structure, the former Thiensville Recreation Parlor, located

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