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Historical / architectural resources survey, Village of Thiensville, Ozaukee County

Chapter 7: architecture,   pp. 25-38

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Historical and Architectural Resources Survey
Villae of Thiensville                                                      Page 25
While Thiensville has a few architect-designed structures, most buildings were constructed by local
builders and carpenters. As can be seen in the business district, most structures reflect the
commercial vernacular style, which means they incorporate necessary standard features such as
storefront windows, but without the characteristic detailing of a specific style. Construction materials
chosen for commercial buildings were generally based on the availability of those materials, which
one might have been in vogue at that time period, as well as the amount of money available to the
patron. Thiensville's commercial center, which was largely built between the 1890s and the 1930s,
features mostly frame buildings; however, a few substantial brick examples do exist.
By no later than 1921, the Concrete Products Company established itself along the west side of the
railroad tracks--directly west of Grand Avenue in Thiensville (no longer extant). The firm appears
to have been somewhat short-lived; however, it was still in business in 1929. Despite the company's
existence, very few structures in Thiensville are of complete concrete block construction; however,
a vast number feature concrete block foundations. The only residential example of all-concrete block
construction is the 1925 Freiderich Residence located at 343 Riverview Drive (Photo Code 80/2).
While the residence of Oswald Liebscher at 231 Riverview Drive is frame, the adjacent garage
(Photo Code 79/21) is rusticated concrete block construction. And finally, the one-story, 1928 wing
of the Gilbert Shoe Company at 228 Elm Street (Photo Code 77/4), as well as the free-standing
building (Photo Code 79/22) to the east are also of complete concrete construction.5'
Architectural Styles
A chronological examination of Thiensville's architecture reveals that from the 1860s through the
1960s, a number ofthe significant period styles are represented in the village. While some examples
are pure representations of the styles, the majority are perhaps more appropriately considered
*Greek Revival
The Greek Revival style, which was popular in the state between the 1830s and the 1870s, is typified
by overall symmetry, a wide frieze, gable end returns, multiple-light fenestration and a classical
porch entry that often incorporates a transom ad sidelights within a wooden surround. Thiensville' s
only example of a Greek Revival style home is the William Pomplitz Residence located at 225
Riverview Drive (Photo Code 80/16). Cited as one of the older homes in Thiensville and likely built
50Sanfbom Map Company, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps--Thiensville, Wis., 1929; Wisconsin State Gazetteer
and Business Directory [ 192 1-1922], 1221.

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