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Port Washington centennial, 1835 - 1935 : one hundred years of progress

We are grateful...,   pp. 31-32

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We Are Grateful ---
to the following, for their co-operation and support in making
possible the Port Washington Centennial.
G. H. Adam Ins. Agency
A & P Store
Aggen & Son Roller MAIs
Ada Ahlhauser-Abstracts
Ray Aller-Well Driller
F. E. Altendorf & Co.-Realtors
The Arcade
Badger Raincoat Co.
John C. Ballbach Coal Co.
Dr. A. H. Barr
Ruben Baumann Barber Shop
Carl H. Bichler Tailor Shop
Mary Bichler Shoppe
H. Bieveri & Co.
Biever Oil Co.
Bodega Tavern
F. W. Boerner Co.
John Bossler Co.
E. B. Bostwick Ins. Agency
Bruendl & Heiser Service Station
Louis Buivid Tavern
Dr. Geo. Cassels
Joe Cayner Fish Co.
Chevrolet Sales Co.
Cities Service Oil Co.-Walter Dai
City Garage
City Grocery
City Hall
Clanderman's Tavern
Classic Art Products Co.
Columbia Garage
Columbia Meat Market
Nic Conrad Meat Market
Court House
Clem Conter Confectionery
Claus DeBuhr Sheet Metal Works
Frank X. Didier
Dr. W. H. Drissen
Emde-Meyer Co.
Henry Enders-Tavern
Enterprise Meat Market
Ewig Bros.
Farmers' Exchange
Fehlandt Job Office
Fire Department
First National Bank
Franklin Store, Inc.
John Freese Grocery Store
Galles Garage
Gamble Store
Gantner Insurance Agency
Gilson-Bolens Mfg. Co.
J. E. Gilson Co.
Hans Glieber Tavern
A. W. Grady
Grand Theatre
Guy Hales
Hensley Confectionery
N. E. Henze Agency
Dr. M. M. Hipke
Frank Hoff Meat Market
C. E. Hoffman Drug Store
Hoffmann House
Holland Furnace Co.
Horn's Funeral Home
Huettmann & Federspiel
Peter M. Huiras
Dr. E. G. Huwatschek
Ideal Equipment Co.
Frank Janeshek Tavern
J. H. Johannes & Son
Johl's Meat Market
J. P. King Plumbing
Klemm's Selected Milk
Knellsville Canning Co.
Otto Kulnick-Tavern
Kwik Mix Co.
W. Laabs & Son
uska Charles L. Larson
Dr. P. F. Leahy
Lorraine Beauty Parlor
Lutzen's Tavern
Marks Dye Works, Inc.
Mayer Hotel
Art Mehring Lunch Stand
Mello Brown Co.
Hallie Merrill Barber Shop
Modern Equipment Co.
Dr. J. H. Munster
Neon Coffee Pot
Niesen Grocery Store
Ohm & Rathke-Trucking
Old Port Brewing Corp.
Ozaukee Theatre
Ozaukee Cleaners
Ozaukee Springs Bottling Co.
George Paulin Grocery
Pesch Shoe Store
Peters Bakery
Pine Hill Restaurant
Police Department-J. Betz, Chief
Polly Tavern
Poole's Funeral Home
Port Beauty Shoppe
Port Economy Store
Port Super Service
Port Washington Bid. & Loan Ass'n.
Port Washington Dairy
Port Washington Floral Co.
Port Washington Laundry
Port Washington Lumber Co.
Port Washington Pattern Works
Port Washington State Bank
Poull Bros.-Hardware
Quality Brass Co.
Railway Express Agency, Inc.
Peter Rinn Tavern
N. H. Roden
Roob's Grill
Roska Shoe Store
Russell Electric Shop
Sanitary Cash Market
Wm. F. Schanen
Louis Scharff-Tailor
Schils Bakery
Schmidler's Confectionery & Lunch
Schmidt's Drug Store
Schmit Bros.-Ford Garage
Schmit Household & Electric Co.
Schnitzer Meat Market
Roy J. Schuknecht-Real Estate
Dr. Win. R. Schultz
F. Schumacher-Flour & Feed
Schumacher Monument Works
Dr. M. A. Siewert
Simplicity Mfg. Co.
Smith Bros.
Standard Oil Co.-Service Station
H. Muehlberg
Standard Oil Co.-Joe Swatek
Super Shell Inn
The Light House
The Port Washington Herald
The Port Washington Pilot
The Smart Shop
T. M. E. R. & L. Co.
Ubbink Fuel & Dock Co.
Wadhams Oil Co.-Emil Kalies
Leo Weiler-Tavern
Werking's Dairy
West Side Cafe
West Side Fuel & Supply Co.
West Side Garage
West Side Hardware
West Side Meat Market
Western Union Telegraph Co.
Wien's Variety Store
Wilke Bros.
Willoughby Studio
Wilson Hotel
Wisconsin Chair Co.
Wisconsin Ice Co.-Peter Kuel
Wisconsin Telephone Co.
Wolovlek Tavern
Armbruster Jewelry Store, 34 N. Washington Ave.
John Bay-Tavern
Barth & Straub
Billy's Service Station, 15 Columbia Ave.
Blatz Brewing Co., 206 N. Washington Ave.
J. F. Bruss & Son, 70 N. Washington Ave.
Cedarburg Box & Woodwork Mfg. Co., 147 S. Wash. Ave.
Cedarburg Canneries, Inc.
Cedarburg Cleaning & Tailoring, 21 N. Wash. Ave.
Cedarburg Country Club
Cedarburg Electric Shop, 14 N. Washington Ave.
Cedarburg Fox Farms, Inc.
Cedarburg Garage, 43 S. Washington Ave.
Cedarburg Hedge Farm Nursery
Cedarburg Mfg. Co., Western Ave.
Cedarburg Marble-Granite Co., 40 S. Washington Ave.
Cedarburg Meat Market, 33 S. Washington Ave.
Cedarburg News, 37 N. Washington Ave.
Cedarburg State Bank
Cedarburg Supply Co., 19 Columbia Ave.
Cedarburg Theatre
Cedarburg Wire & Wire Nail Company
Deep Rock Oil Corp., I I I N. Washington Ave.
Dorothea Beauty Shop, 58 S. Washington Ave.
Ertl's Barber Shop, 10 S. Washington Ave.
Erwin Faber, 82 S. Washington Ave.
Frank's Service Station, 25 S. Washington Ave.
Fromm Bros. Silvercross Fox Farms
General Wood Products Co., 51 Hanover
E. Groth Lime Kilns
Groth Bros. Hdwe. Co., 106 N. Washington Ave.
Theo. A. Groth & Son, 48 S. Washington Ave.
Walter R. Groth Garage, 27 S. Washington Ave.
Guse's Drug Store, I N. Washington Ave.
Haman Tavern
Hansen Canning Machy. Co., 95 Hamilton Ave.
Hilgen's Spring Park-(Barth & Straub, Prop.)
Arno Herziger, 79 N. Washington Ave.
W. L. Hoffmann, Meat Market
Wm. Holnagel-Tavern
Jochem Bros., 7 N. Washington Ave.
Jung Furniture Co., 22 N. Washington Ave.
Walter H. Kirmssee Furn. Co., 104 N. Washington Ave.
Krueger Bros. Dairy, R. F. D. No. 2
Wm. C. Krueger Welding Shop, 53 S. Washington Ave.
Jack Kurtz-Tavern
Albert Laabs Grocery Store, 30 N. Washington Ave.
Lauterbach Sales Co., 10 N. Washington Ave.
C. W. Lehman & Bros. Hdwe. Co., 6 N. Washington Ave.
Modern Dry Cleaners & Laundry, II N. Washington Ave.
Walter Nero-Tavern
Wm. Nero & Sons, 50 S. Washington Ave.
Oswald Serv. Station, 158 S. Washington Ave.
The Pantry, 4 N. Washington Ave.
Parkway Inn
Eugene Poole-Tavern
Win. Pump-Tavern
Quality Bakery. 26 N. Washington Ave.

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