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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Board of health

Board of Health
The pioneer doctors of the Town of Mequon were Doctors Munk,
Neiuze, and Dr. Rosenthal. Dr. Egry pulled teeth and ?
for blood-letting. -ir. Schindler dispensed homeopathic
medicines and practiced mid-wifery and lived in a small
cottage immediately south of the wagon pickle processing
,lant later owned by bred iiosin and wife, grandparents of
C,rl F. Wilbert. Mrs. Schwarz was also a midwife and
lived near where the Ozaukee Country Club is located.
Later Dr. henry Albers practiced medicine in IMequon and
Thiensville for many years.  he lived in the building on
St.Trunk hwy 57 on the south end of the rresent limits of
Thiensville and across from the iresent Stenmlers White
Coach Inn, which Dr. Albers built and resided there until
he retired. Pursuant to Section 141.01 of the Wisconsin
'tltutes, the Town Board at its regular by-monthly meeting
nelo. an April 18, 1939, elected fVessrs. E. W. Krumhus,
,, erncr ieler and r,-rnk Dehling from its own members and
.   ..           ..... :erve  ;s  vembers, of  the  Board  of
health  (1r a  Priod of one year. Dr. H. F. Scholz was
elected to membership on the Board of health by the Town
Board in 1938 for a term of 2 years. On April 24, 1939, the
newly elected members, mentioned and the Health office, Dr.
Schtolz met te orga}nize as trhe Town of Meouon Eoard of Health.
I~'r. Krumhus was elected chairman and I;:r. VWerner IV{euller, Clerk.
it was agreed to have regular quarterly m etings on the
last T~onday of the months oi Jan., April, July, and Oct.
commencing at 8:00 P.1Vi.

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