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Early history of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

Early history of Grafton,   pp. 63-67

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Picture in your mind's eye a dense forest with a clear, fast movig
river winding its way through the wilderness. Small Indian vllages of I
Menomonee, Pottawatcmie, Sac, Chippewa, and Fox tribes were scattered t
oul the area, and particularly along the banks of the river. Great har&
forests abounded in this region which was to become Grafton.
Grafton's recorded history dates back about 129 years, and began wit
first settlement by white men in the area in the late 1830's. Hower, J
is known that the first white men to visit the site of the village of Gre
were Fathers Allouez and Bablon, from the Jesuit mission at Green Bay. I
ceme about the year 1670 and found the area occupied by an Indian villg
By 1838 the Indian's right to this land was copletey extinguished,
although they frequented this area for many years afterwards. The title
Mensmonees was extinguished by a treaty made with the Federal
February 8, 4831, and the title of the Pottawatcies eded with a treaty
September 6, 1833, although they reserved possession and occupancy for tb
years thereafter.
This later treaty was not ratified until February 21, 1838. The ear
surrender of the land east of the Milwaukee river by the Mer-,,rnp Tndiar
probably accounts for the fact that settlement of the then town of G
prooeeded first east of the river, and that the first deed ckn         I
the area was in 1835 on land between the river and the lake shore.
The Indians were good neighbors and preferred to live at peace with
white settlers. None of the ferocious Indian wars cae anywhere near Gra

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