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Kimberly, James C. / The history of the Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club of Neenah, Wisconsin: an account of yacht racing on Lake Winnebago from 1859 to 1957

Chapter 13: A salute to the future,   p. 134

Page 134

CHAPT                 (N     A   ,5alute to 
            L 13            the guture 
eaT THE very beginning of the Neenah Club its chief asset was 
a fine sailing harbor. To this, four generations of sailors have since 
added a fund of intangibles--a deep love for the sport, an indomi- 
table spirit, a high standard of sportsmanship, and splendid achieve- 
ment. A long line of phantom ships tells the early story: the May- 
flovwer, the Minnie Graves, Albatross, and Myra Belle, the Mermaid 
and Marguerite, the Nodaway catboats, the Nirvana, Corona, and 
Kathleen, the Jones-designed scows--all have made their contribu- 
tion to Neenah-Nodaway tradition and all have sailed their last 
race. The chapter written by the more recent craft is familiar to 
every local sailor. 
   Outwardly yacht racing today bears little resemblance to the 
early sport of the Neenah Club, little more than the present harbor 
course bears to that great triangle that ran from Neenah to Stock- 
bridge to Garlic Island and home again. The days of rough-and- 
ready competition, when sandbags were tossed overboard to per- 
mit a stranger to join a crew, are gone. The rules and the yachts 
have both changed. But the challenge of sails and the race sounds as 
clear and compelling to Neenah sailors as ever. 
   In recent years the club has invested in youth. Realizing what 
the sport can mean to the Juniors and what the Juniors can mean 
to the club, officers and volunteers from the senior ranks have 
given devoted service to this new division. Tomorrow these 
Juniors will become the stewards of the Neenah-Nodaway Club 
and its traditions. As the record already shows, they will not 
neglect their heritage. Under their leadership a salute to the club 
burgee will continue to be a salute to the future. 

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