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Kimberly, James C. / The history of the Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club of Neenah, Wisconsin: an account of yacht racing on Lake Winnebago from 1859 to 1957

Chapter 12: Neenah's club approaches the century mark,   pp. 123-133

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CHAPTER1 9              eeenah 's Club approaches 
          12            the Century Xark 
 THE events which color the last twenty years of this Neenah- 
 Nodaway story provide it with a proper climax. The record shows 
 the incorporation of the club, victories that brought to Neenah the 
 Sawyer, Felker, and Inland championship cups, and the election of 
 two club members to the Inland presidency. 
 In 1939 a new administration incorporated the club to give it the 
 advantages of a corporation and to replace its outmoded constitu- 
 tion and by-laws. The Articles of Incorporation vested the man- 
 agement in a board of directors, added a rear commodore to the 
 staff of officers, and, the most radical change of all, gave the right 
 to vote to all members in good standing, whether boat owners or 
 not. Earlier, voting had been restricted to yacht owners and, tradi- 
 tionally, to owners of Class A boats, from whose ranks the com- 
 modore and vice commodore usually had been chosen. With the 
 change, the commodore was elected from and by the whole mem- 
 bership and he usually has worked up to his office through first 
 serving as rear commodore and vice commodore. 
 Inaugurating this new order, as incorporators, were: Albert C. 
 Gilbert, commodore; William Wright, rear commodore; and 
 Charles Zemlock, treasurer. Com. Gilbert immediately appointed 
 committees for printing and publicity, trophies, housing, and pro- 
 motion of sailing, as well as the customary regatta committee. In 
 addition he added a fleet captain to his staff. 
 With this regeneration and the new Inland models, local interest 
 in sailing was soon translated into a sizable fleet. In 1940, member- 
 ship jumped to 148, then an all-time high, and in 1941 the fleet set 
 a record for activity with 69 boats on the lake, 53 of them partici- 
pating in races and 35 eligible for awards. 
  Another item of historical interest in the 1939 minutes con- 
cerned Jim Kimberly's motorboat Betsey K. This former lifeboat 

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