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Kimberly, James C. / The history of the Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club of Neenah, Wisconsin: an account of yacht racing on Lake Winnebago from 1859 to 1957

Chapter 5: The Nodaway Yacht Club wins the Felker Cup,   pp. 54-65

Page 54

CHAPTER                             awThe Aodaway Ć½facht Club 
                       5 Wins the jelker Cup 
SVEN before its first anniversary the Nodaway Club began to 
broaden its interests and activities. Its first membership drive 
added over thirty names to its rolls, some recruits new to the 
sport, others veterans. Among the former were J. P. Roberts, who 
presented the club with a challenge flag his first season; Lyall J. 
Pinkerton, for several years its secretary-treasurer and later its 
commodore; and S. F. (Frank) Shattuck, who in his more than 
fifty-five years with the club served as its vice commodore, com- 
modore, and, either as chairman or member, on its regatta com- 
mittee. He named four of his racers Onaway, one of the names first 
suggested for the club. Among the veteran skippers who joined at 
this time was Will Davis, that stormy petrel of the lake whose 
presence always foretold excitement and often a tempest. 
  Increased membership brought new boats into the fleet, and 
some of the old ones changed hands. The Ysleta became the 
joint property of W. Z. Stuart and J. C. Kimberly; Lyall J. Pinker- 
ton purchased the Nethla, and H. K. Babcock, the Yosida. Of the 
new craft Frank Shattuck's Uarda andJ. P. Roberts's Wauwataysa 
entered club contests regularly. The sensation, however, was the 
Nirvana, a sloop purchased by W. Z. Stuart and J. C. Kimberly. 
  Two new prizes were donated to the club in 1895, the J. P. 
Roberts challenge flag and a silver plaque presented by Mrs. J. A. 
Kimberly, Jr. In 1897 the Ladies Industrial Society gave a cham- 
pionship pennant for the Nodaway Class races. The silver trophy 
is still sailed for each summer and is now the oldest prize in the 
club's collection. 
   Interest in Nodaway Class races snowballed, and good crowds 
followed the contests around the course in steam yachts and numer- 
ous lighter craft. The annual series of catyawl races, with an open 

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